Electric Corner Fireplace

Free-standing electrical fireplaces in the style of a traditional wood-burning fireplace. They offer super-simple installation and only needs to be placed wherever you want and connected to an electrical power outlet.

Products - Wood-burner style electrical fires

    West corner electric fireplace

    West Corner Traditional Electric Fireplace

    Price: £1,429
    Items number: ELP-80-127-corner

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    White corner electric fireplace

    Kent Corner Electric Fireplace

    Price: £1,539
    Items number: ELP-80-128-corner

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    Cadiz Corner Elpejs

    Cadiz Corner Elpejs

    Price: £1,849
    Items number: BIO-60-124el

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      An Electric Fireplace

      An electric fireplace, also called an LED fireplace is popular because of its versatility. An electric fireplace is an ideal secondary heat source for the room, and it will quickly warm up the room. An LED fireplace is very safe compared to a traditional or wood burning fireplace as there are no exposed flames. It is very low-maintenance and does not require a chimney, so whether it is a wall mounted electric fireplace, freestand electric fireplace or built in electric fireplace, it can be placed almost anywhere.

      An electric fireplace can also be remote controlled, and the light of the flame as well as the heat levels can also be adjusted.

      How does an electric fireplace work?

      An electric fireplace can be mounted wherever you want in your home since it does not require a chimney. The only thing it requires is to be connected to a power supply. An LED fireplace also has a very low energy consumption, as the consumption costs are only approx. 10 cents per hour. The technology in an electric fireplace is relatively simple. The flames comes from a light project, and combined with the glowing wood pieces, the fireplace gives a very realistic fire effect that can be enjoyed immediately after installation and being connected to a power supply. An electric fireplace is therefore a very eco-friendly fireplace, as the fireplace emits no harmful substances or CO2.

      Freestanding electric fireplace as a decorative element

      An electric fireplace has become increasingly popular and we definitely understand why. An LED fireplace is a timeless and very versatility fireplace and fits into most homes and furnishing styles. A freestanding electric fireplace can become a central design element in your home, as it can be placed anywhere you would like.

      The selection of electric fireplaces has grown steadily over the past years, and there are many models to choose from, so there is sure to be one that suits your taste.