Small, tabletop bio fireplace of stainless steel. 0,5L burner providing up to 2 burning hours.

Cube tabletop bio fire in steel

Item number: BIO-20-246

Small tabletop bio fireplace of stainless steel. Can be used both indoor and outdoor. Size: H: 10 x W: 15 x D: 15 cm

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Steel table bioethanol fireplace in a cubic shape

Simple and pretty bioethanol fire for your table. Can be used indoor as well as outdoor - with precautions for wind and weather. The bioethanol fire cannot be placed outside in rainy weather as it can become rusty in the long run.

  • 0,5 L burner included 
  • Up to 2 burning hours 
  • Extinguishing tool included
  • Electricity not required 

This model is also available in white version.

You can also add our liquid fragrance to make your bio fireplace spread your favorite scent all over the room.