Cocoon Fires Aeris in steel

Cocoon Aeris in polished steel

Cocoon Fires

Item number: BIO-70-102

Cocoon Fires' ceiling mounted bio fireplace of steel.




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Cocoon Aeris in polished steel

Ceiling mounted bio fireplace from Cocoon Fires. Aeris is an elegant eye-catcher in a modern home. It is an extravagant bio fire with a polished steel finish that makes the fireplace even more luxurious. You can not pass by him indifferently. The Cocoon Fires Aeris is not only a fireplace but also a decorative piece of furniture in any home.

  • 1,5 L burner included
  • Rod with 6-level length included (142 cm / 134.5 cm / 125.5 cm / 116.5 cm / 107.5 cm / 98.5 cm. Full Length: 182.5 cm)
  • Mounting bracket included
  • No electricity required
  • Easy to install and use

This bio fire weighs only 24 kg which means it can be hung on almost any ceiling. The fireplace seems unusually elegant and looks like a floating globe with its unique suspension. It is also possible to rotate this bio fire all the way around so the flames can be enjoyed from all angles.

After some time the top of the fireplace might change a colour a little because of the heat that the steel is exposed to.

Cocoon has also thought about the mounting part as the bracket can be bought as an angle bracket so that the bio fire can be mounted on any sloping wall. It is also possible to mount several suspension brackets so that the fireplace can be moved if desired. It means it can be easily moved from living room to dining room or from dwelling to cottage.

Cocoon Aeris was designed by Frederico Otero and this model is available in black and polished steel.