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Cocoon Aeris in mat black with a black ceiling rod

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Item number: BIO-70-116

Mat black Cocoon Aeris ceiling-mounted bio ethanol fuel fireplace with a black mounting rod for the ceiling. Cocoon Aeris is designed by Federico Otero for functionality and beauty.



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Cocoon Fires' Aeris - ceiling-mounted bio ethanol fuel fireplace 

Ceiling mounted bio fire, that is a unique and elegant eye-catcher in its surroundings. The Cocoon Aeris will make a wonderful addition to your living room, and create a great and cosy atmosphere. The Cocoon Aeris is not only a fireplace, but also a piece of furniture that will decorate any home. 

This version of the Cocoon Aeris consists of the Cocoon Globe and a black ceiling bracket and rod.

Please note that the black ceiling rod included, is not a telescopic pole and cannot be adjusted in height or rotated, as with the Cocoon Aeris with the polished steel ceiling rod. To adjust the length of this Cocoon Aeris with the black ceiling bracket and rod, you must use extension rods.

Included with the fireplace:
  • 1,5 L burner
  • 25 cm joint
  • 25 cm extension rod
  • 50 cm extension rod
  • 100 cm extension rod
  • Mounting bracket for flat ceiling


The Cocoon Aeris is made from powder-coated carbon steel, that gives the shell a mat black finish. The included mounting rod and bracket is made from black stainless steel. 

This bio fire's weight is only 24 kg, which means it can be mounted on almost any ceiling. Its unique suspension from the ceiling that makes the fireplace look like a floating globe, and brings elegance to any decor.

Mounting Rod

The Cocoon Aeris with a black mounting rod comes with four pieces of extension rod, that can be combined as you wish. Included are 1x100cm extension rod, 1x50cm extension rod, 1x25cm extention rods and 1x25cm joint. Thus, the rod can become a maximum of 200cm, but you can buy extra extionsion rods to extend the length of the full ceiling rod.

Convert you Cocoon Aeris for Convenience

Federico Otero designed the Cocoon Globe to be both functional and aestetically pleasing. Therefore, it was designed to be able to transform from a ceiling monted fireplace into a freestanding bio fire. This can be done in minutes, by switching out the ceiling rod with the Cocoon base and holder, concerting the Cocoon Aeris into a Cocoon Pedestal.