Built-in Bioethanol Fireplaces

Bioethanol built-in fireplaces are the perfect choice if you are looking for a sleek and modern fireplace. The built-in bio ethanol fire saves you space and gives your home that great, cozy feel of a fireplace.

Whether you want to give your old fireplace a new life with a fireplace insert or you want a simple fireplace look that is chimney-free, our ethanol built-in fireplaces are the perfect choice.

We have a large selection of different ethanol fires for installation in a wall. They range from one-sided biofireplace inserts, two-sided bio ethanol fireplace inserts, three-sided biofireplace inserts to corner bio fireplace inserts and bioethanol burners, that can be sunken into a wall to make a four-sided fireplace.

Some are deterred by a built-in fireplace, because they think that such an ethanol fireplace insert is very difficult and complicated to install and mount. This can be the case, but it does not have to be so! Most of our bioethanol built-in fireplaces and fireplace inserts are delivered to you already completely assembled. All you have to do is find a suitable place in your home.

Built-in bioethanol fireplace

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Modern Framed Built-in Ethanol Fireplaces

The framed built-in ethanol fireplaces are the easiest to install. Here the entire burner is ready to be inserted into the wall. For you, this means that you only have to make a hole in the facade. Of course, the dimensions of your biofuel fireplace should be measured to make sure the hole is the right size for the ethanol fireplace.

We have a large selection of bio ethanol fires for incorporation in a wall in many different modern designs. For example, there are bio ethanol fires with or without a rear metal plate called a 1-sided and 2-sided fireplace. A 2-sided ethanol fire can also be called a see-through or tunnel fireplace. Bio-fireplaces without a backplate with a frame are often used as room dividers. If you have a room-dividing wall, and find that it takes too much space, then an ethanol fireplace insert without a backplate is the perfect solution as it opens up the room. In the 2-sided bio fireplaces you can see the burning flame from two rooms in your home, which makes for a contemporary look.

Then there are of course biofire inserts with a closed backside, the 1-sided ethanol fireplace. These are rarely used as room dividers but can, in theory, be used for that too. The reason more people prefer open two-sided bio ethanol fires as a room divider is because it opens up the room.

A third option is a 3-sided fireplace with a frame. Here the fireplace is built into the end of a wall between two rooms. Here the frame covers the top, bottom and back wall, and is open to the three sides facing the room. This a particularly popular choice in new constructions - it is a cool feature that makes for a very fashionable look.

Also a corner ethanol fireplace with a frame can be build into a wall. It is the same principle as with other bio ethanol fires, here it is just build into the corner of a wall. This is also quite the popular choice for the modern home. 

What Materials can Be Combined with your Bioethanol Fireplace?

A bioethanol fireplace is often made in stainless steel or aluminum. Both are relatively lightweight and at the same time incredibly robust. As of 2021, the colours black, silver and grey are very trendy.

Glass is also a great material, that protects your bio fire from dirt and at the same time, you have a perfect view of the flames. A glass helps to increase the security of the fireplace, especially for families with children and pets. However, it is not possible to completely close a bio fireplace off with glass, since the ethanol flame needs oxygen to keep burning. The fuel needs a constant source of air. A way to integrate glass in your bio fireplace is to cover the fireplace halfway, so only the top is open.

Frameless Built-in Bioethanol Fireplaces

There are the bio fireplaces for installation with a frame. But there are also built-in bioethanol fireplaces without a frame. If you want a frameless fireplace, you only need to get the bioethanol burner. The fire pit is like any other burner that usually consists of aluminum or stainless steel.

There are several ways to create an ethanol fireplace without a frame. One popular way is to integrate the bio-fireplace into the house, by installing the burner in an existing wall. For this, the dimensions of the burner are taken and the hole is made accordingly. This requires the same effort as the previous variant.

You can design everything around the fire pit - the thickness and depth of where you want to mount it. Everything is up to you, the only limit is your imagination. Of course, you should be aware of a few safety aspects, with possible minimum dimensions and distances, which are found in the manual of the respective bioethanol burner.

Bioethanol Fireplace for Outdoor Use

Who says we have to limit a bioethanol fireplace to indoor areas? Not us! For this reason, the garden, patio or generally any outdoor area is a great place to let your creativity run.

A very popular DIY project is to build a brick or concrete facade and install a built-in bioethanol fireplace. Here, you can choose an ethanol fireplace insert with a closed or non-closed back wall, or with the number of open sides you want. You only need to watch out for exposure to wind and bad weather, as this should preferably be avoided. If the fire is in the garden, it is important to have a cover with which the fireplace can be covered. Of course, the cover must be wind and water-resistant, otherwise, the cover will not serve its actual purpose.

An even better way to protect it from the bad weather is to place it under a roof. This way, it is protected year-round and you do not always need to cover it after use.

The protection of your outdoor fireplace is important, as it helps to extend the life of your ethanol fireplace.

If you have any questions or ideas for a DIY project and would like help, we are of course always at your side and will gladly advise you, so please contact us!

Should I Choose a Bioethanol Fireplace, a Gas Fireplace or an Electric Fireplace?

A gas fireplace takes quite a lot of work as opposed to other options. It needs to be installed by an authorised expert, and it also requires a vent and connection to a gas supply. However, the heat output of a gas fireplace is much greater than with a bio or electric fireplace. On the other hand an ethanol fireplace offers more freedom. The only thing you need for an ethanol fireplace is the bioethanol fuel.

The same goes for an electric LED fireplace. It offers quite a lot of freedom, and only needs a power supply to work. However, an electric fireplace does not have a real flame since the flames are created with LED lights. So the most realistic of these two would be an ethanol fireplace.

Benefits for an ethanol fireplace:

  • Ethanol is an affordable fuel
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Installation can be done yourself
  • Requires no chimney or ventilation
  • No smoke, soot or ash
  • Provides excellent extra heat
  • Some of the bio fireplaces can be used outdoor
  • Has a real flame

Built-in Bioethanol Fireplace – to DIY or not to DIY

There are two very popular versions of built-in bioethanol fireplaces - both will make for a beautiful, modern-looking fireplace in your home. With these bio ethanol fires, no electric supply is needed. All you need is the perfect spot to install the fireplace and some bioethanol, and you are ready to go.

You can get either a framed fireplace to be build in, where all you need is hole in the facade in the right dimensions, and then it is just about inserting the bio ethanol fire frame. The other option is the frameless fireplace, where you use a bioethanol burner. With this your have many options for installation, some being to have it sunken into a wall or by making a four-sided fireplace in a semi wall.

All you have to do is choose what kind of look you want for your ethanol fireplace - and we'll have the right bioethanol fire for you!

Automatic Burners

The latest trend when it comes to bio ethanol fires is the so-called automatic burners, which can easily be installed in one of our built-in fireplaces. Find out what these burners are and what the best use for them is here. An electric burner is a variant, where the only thing that is still manual is the filling of ethanol in the tank. The capacity of the tank depends on the model, we have burners from 1,7L to 18,5L capacity.

There are accessories that will help make the filling easier. An ethanol pump that ensures that the bioethanol is poured directly and automatically from the bottle and directly into the fire tank. You can see the two pumps that we offer here; Pump for Bioethanol made of plastic and Pump for bioethanol (manual).

Of course, an automatic burner offers the same benefits as a manual burner. The chamber is still free of smoke, soot, and ash and you do not need a vent to operate it.

But there are some benefits that only the automatic burners offer. The fireplace is automatically ignited with the press of a button. You either have a remote control or a button on the fireplace, which can be pressed to turn the fireplace on and off.

Since the product is still relatively new, the range of designs is not as wide as with the manual burners. The most popular design here is black and stainless steel. And of course, there is free shipping on these fires.

Safety Comes First

In addition to the already great technology of being able to automatically switch the burner on and off, there is also the fact that the automatic fire pit has many high-tech sensors that offer an additional level of protection.

One of these sensors, for example, is a so-called tilt sensor. This sensor, therefore, offers leak protection. In the event that the chamber is tilted in a certain direction to allow the fuel to escape, it closes the opening quickly.

The automatic makes for a more easy and safe option of bioethanol burner, but the price point is also quite different from a manual bioethanol burner. Therefore, the choice of a manual or automatic burner is entirely dependent on you and your needs and wants.

We are here to help you!

We are familiar with all the different categories of bioethanol fires for your home, whether it is a countertop, wall-mounted, or freestanding bio ethanol fireplace. We also offer electric and water damp products.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you. Just contact us vi phone, email, or the Live-chat on our website. You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook.