Steel and glass tabletop bio fireplace in square design with a 1,2 L burner. Burning time 3h.

Black and Glass Square Bio fireplace for Table

Item number: BIO-20-204

Square tabletop bio fireplace with two large glass plates. Burns for up to three hours per filling. Size H: 40 x W: 47 x D: 19 c

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Small, steel and glass table fireplace with 1,2 L burner

Elegant design with steel in the base and glass sheets as a body, surrounding the future fire. This model is built with robust, resistant and secure materials. Its lightness makes it very easy to move around, so that it can fulfil your needs in whichever room it is installed. This biofireplace is perfect for tables, shelves, the floor… There are as many possibilities as your imagination can create! Furthermore, whichever is your place of choice, you can be sure that this model will provide the room with warmth and cosiness.

  • 2 pcs of glass tiles included
  • 1,2 L burner included
  • Up to 3 burning hours 
  • Extinguishing tool included 

You can also add some of our liquid fragrance to make the fireplace spread your favorite scent all over the room.