Automatic remote controlled burner 230 cm

Automatic remote controlled burner 230 cm

Item number: BIO367

Automatic ethanol burner. Lenght: 230 cm. Capacity: 23 liter. Burn time: 10 hours


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Automatic Ethanol Burner 230 cm.

Automatic bioethanol burner, with remote controller, which can be used in Do-It-Yourself projects, where you build your own bioethanol fireplace or transform an old traditional wood burning fireplace into a modern bioethanol fireplace.

The recommended minimum room volume for this ethanol burner is: 160 m3.

This automatic ethanol burner is equipped with multiple safety sensors, which can shut down the fireplace automatically if an error is detected or if the CO2 level in the room exceeds the recommended level.

In order for this bioethanol burner to function, it needs to be connected to an electric power outlet. Therefore, be aware of this when planning your bio fireplace project.

With this ethanol burner you get:

  • Multiple safety sensors
  • Included remote controller
  • Up to 10 hours of burn time per filling
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Multiple colour options

If you are planning your own DIY fireplace project, you can read our guide about choice of materials and safety distances here.