Xaralyn Ambiance Freestanding Fireplace

Ambiance Freestanding Fireplace


Item number: BIO-60-112

Large freestanding fireplace from Dutch Xaralyn. The fireplace is perfect as a room divider. Choose between a bioethanol burner or Opti-Myst.

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Xaralyn Ambiance, 2-sided Free Standing Fireplace

This large fireplace from Dutch manufacturer Xaralyn allows you to divide your room into two, where you will be able to see the flames of the fireplace from both sides.

The fireplace is built with MDF which has been painted white (RAL 9010)

Ambiance can be moved around as you wish and it does not require any connection of a chimney or flue. But the fireplace weighs 85 kg and is therefore minimum a 2-man job.

Choose a burner

It is possible to choose between two different types of burner in Xaralyn Ambiance; a bioethanol burner or an Opti-Myst burner. The difference between the two is that the bioethanol burner creates real fire and the Opti-Myst creates a flame-effect using water vapours and LED-lights.

See the specifications for the two different types of burner below:

Xaralyn 8014LS

8014LS is a bioethanol burner developed and manufactured by Xaralyn themself and has the following specifications:

  • 2.5 litres capacity
  • Approx. 0.5 litres bioethanol usage per hour
  • Approx. 3.5 kW heat output
  • Safety glass for both sides of the fire is included
  • Lighter and refuelling funnel is included
  • No need for electricity

Learn more about the Xaralyn 8014LS Bioethanol Burner here.

Cassette 600

Cassette 600 is an Opti-Myst burner developed and made by Dimplex. It creates a flame-effect using water vapours.

  • Electricity usage is 200 Watt per hour
  • Adjustable flame effect
  • Remote control is included
  • Needs an electricity connection
  • Burntime of about 6-8 hours per filling of water

Learn more about the Dimplex Cassette 600 here.

Installation of Xaralyn Ambiance

Ambiance is a large fireplace and therefore it will be delivered on a pallet by a carrier. The fireplace will be almost fully assembled upon arrival and you only need to attach the chosen burner.

Installation of the burner is easy and straight forward. Just place it inside the cutout inside the fireplace. If you have chosen the Opti-Myst burner you need to connect it to a normal electrical outlet