Bioethanol Fireplace Accessories

Do you need bioethanol, fireplace tools or other accessories? We have a wide selection of fireplace tools to bioethanol chimney that enhances the cozy ambience that a bioethanol fire creates.

Our bioethanol on consists of 96,6% alcohol that ensures an authentic and living flame. We have a price guarantee on all our products which means that all our high-quality bioethanol is sold at the cheapest prices online!

Glowing thread for bioethanol fireplace

Fireplace decor

At our you can find different fireplace tools such as ceramic stones, artificial wood and other. This fireplace equipment gives to your bio fire a natural look and add coziness to your room. We also offer firewood holder where you can keep you artificial ceramics wood.

Fireplace equipment

Here you can find different fireplace tools which will help you to maintain your bio fire. Find your next fireplace equipment here.

Ethanol fragrance

The different fireplace tools include ethanol fragrance. You can choose between pine, Jasmin flower or even cinnamon, reminding you the Christmas time of the year.