Decoration wood mix of 5 pieces for bio fireplaces

Decoration wood Mix - 5 pcs.

Item number: BIO-80-054

Set of 5 pieces of decorative wood for use in bio fireplaces. The wood has different colors and therefore represents several different types of wood.

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Decoration wood Mix - 5 pcs.

Here you receive a set of decorative wood for your bio fireplace. It consists of a mix of different colors that represent different types of wood. The set includes 5 pieces of wood in varying sizes between 18-20 cm in length. The decoration wood should not be placed in a way that blocks the flames. Instead, set it up around the flames. Putting the decoration in the flames can affect the formation of soot.

During use, the decorative wood becomes warm. For safety reasons, it should therefore be left to cool after use before touching it.