Wall-Mounted Bioethanol Fireplaces

The bioethanol wall fireplace is one of the most beautiful fireplace variants available on the market. As the name suggests, the special thing about these fireplaces, are that you can mount them on the wall.

This opens up many design and furnishing possibilities. Whether in black, silver, grey, white, or polished stainless steel, wall fireplaces are available in all imaginable versions and designs. This means that you can find just the right fireplace for you, that fits your taste and style.

As with all other ethanol fireplaces, the wall mounted bio fireplaces uses bioethanol as fuel. Therefore neither smoke nor soot, or other harmful substances is released - perfect as a decorative fire for your wall.

Wall-mounted bio fireplace

Products - Wall Mounted Fires

Type of burner
Black, wall mounted fireplace with a safety glass window panel. Lightweight at 10 kg, yet solid.

Nevada Wall Mounted Biofireplace

Price: £235
Items number: BIO-10-008

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Elegant wall mounted fireplace in striking black, featuring a 1,5L burner.

Elegant black wall mounted fireplace

Price: £235
Items number: BIO-10-040

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Very large and inviting bio ethanol fireplace produced in powder coated steel. Three burners.

Large Wall Mounted Biofireplace in White

Price: £820
Items number: BIO-10-017W

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Large and exclusive bio ethanol fireplace in a homely design finished in powder coated steel.

Large Wall Mounted Biofireplace

Price: £820
Items number: BIO-10-017

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Xaralyn Umbria White wall-mounted bioethanol fireplace

Umbria Wall-mounted Biofireplace

Price: £1.618
Items number: BIO-60-106

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Circular bio fireplace for the wall

Unique round bio fireplace for the wall in black

Price: £585
Items number: BIO-10-052BK

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White circle bio fireplace for the wall

Unique round bio fireplace for the wall in white

Price: £585
Items number: BIO-10-052WH

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Oval bio fireplace for wall mounting

Oval Wall Hanging Slim Fireplace

Price: £730
Items number: BIO-10-056

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Round wall mounted bio fireplace

Unique Round Design Fireplace - Ø80

Price: £820
Items number: BIO-10-057

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Roudn bio fireplace for wall mounting

Unique round design fireplace - Ø50

Price: £525
Items number: BIO-10-058

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Beautiful wall mounted fireplace in white. Including a 1.5 l burner and a glass window panel.

Wall Mounted Biofireplace in White

Price: £820
Items number: BIO-10-044

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Beautiful wall mounted fireplace in black. Featuring a 1.5l burner and a glass window panel.

Wall Mounted Biofireplace in Black

Price: £820
Items number: BIO-10-045

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Super simple and sleek white bioethanol fireplace for wall mounting. Expected burn time is up to 5 hours per filling.

Large White Biofireplace for Wall Mounting

Price: £585
Items number: BIO-10-034

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Super simple and sleek black bioethanol fireplace for wall mounting. Expected burn time is up to 5 hours per filling.

Large Black Biofireplace for Wall Mounting

Price: £585
Items number: BIO-10-048

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Large steel fireplace for wall mounting  Burning time: 5 hours. Dimensions: 90 x 43 x 20 cm

Large Steel Wall Biofireplace

Price 585 Now £454
Items number: BIO-10-005

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Stainless steel bio fireplace. Multifunctional fire that can be wall mounted or floor standing.

Stainless steel wall biofireplace

Price: £585
Items number: BIO-10-013

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Contemporary, black steel bioethanol fireplace. The 800 ml  burner provides up to 4 hours of burning time.

Goya Grey Wall-mounted

Price: £1.018
Items number: BIO-60-108

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Contemporary, white steel bioethanol fireplace. The 1L  burner provides up to 4 hours of burning time.

Goya White Wall-mounted Fire

Price: £898
Items number: BIO-60-109

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Xaralyn Bioethanol wall fireplace Goya - stone wall

Goya Wall-mounted Bio Fireplace - Stone Wall

Price: £1.018
Items number: BIO-60-139

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Bio fire Goya, black wall fireplace

Goya Black Wall-mounted Fire

Price: £760
Items number: BIO-60-109B

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Large stainless steel bio fireplace for the wall mounting with a glass panel. Featuring 3 burners.

Big XL stainless steel biofireplace for the wall

Price: £645
Items number: BIO-10-014

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Exclusively designed bio ethanol fireplace with a glass panel. Burning time 5h.

Vertical bioethanol fireplace in black

Price: £470
Items number: BIO-10-042

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Uniquely designed bio ethanol wall fireplace with a glass window panel. Burning time 3 hours.

Vertical bioethanol fireplace

Price: £470
Items number: BIO-10-019

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Cocoon Vellum black mat

Cocoon Vellum wall mounted bio fire in black mat

Price: £2.398
Items number: BIO-70-107

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Cocoon Vellum polished steel

Coccon Vellum wall mounted bio fire in polished steel

Price: £3.358
Items number: BIO-70-108

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Prometheus PB Safretti bio fireplace

Safretti Prometheus PB - Black

Price: £1.105
Items number: BIO-60-226

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Wall mounted, stainless steel bio fireplace in a curved design. Dimensions: 55 x 60 x 17 cm

Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Biofireplace

Price: £350
Items number: BIO-10-007

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Safretti Prometheus PG

Safretti Prometheus PG - Grey

Price: £1.105
Items number: BIO-60-227

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Ethanolnol fireplace in white

White wall mounted bio fireplace

Price: £350
Items number: BIO-10-007-WH

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Curved wall mounted bioethanol fireplace in black

Wall mounted bioethanol fireplace - black

Price: £350
Items number: BIO-10-007-BK

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Safretti Prometheus RB - Black bio fireplace for wall mounting

Safretti Prometheus RB - Black

Price: £1.625
Items number: BIO-60-224

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Safretti Prometheus RG - Black bio fireplace for wall mounting

Safretti Prometheus RG - Grey

Price: £1.625
Items number: BIO-60-225

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Safretti Prometheus OB - Black bio fireplace for wall mounting

Safretti Prometheus OB - Black

Price: £2.105
Items number: BIO-60-222

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Safretti Prometheus OG - Grey bio fireplace for wall mounting

Safretti Prometheus OG - Grey

Price: £2.105
Items number: BIO-60-223

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Impressive fireplace with 2 burners, each 1,5L . Burning time of up to 6h. D: 40 x 120 x 21 cm

Double Nevada Biofireplace

Price: £470
Items number: BIO-10-020

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Safretti Gaya wall hanging bio fireplace of aluminium

Safretti Gaya

Price: £1.280
Items number: BIO-60-230

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Elegantly designed, black bio fireplace for wall mounting with a burning time of up to 4 hours.

Rectangular Curved Biofireplace in Black

Price 585 Now £454
Items number: BIO-10-016

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Safretti Riviera LE GL wall hanging bio fireplace

Safretti Riviera LE GL

Price: £1.105
Items number: BIO-60-221

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Safretti Riviera EN GL wall ganging bio fireplace

Safretti Riviera EN GL

Price: £1.325
Items number: BIO-60-220

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Beautiful, double wall hanging bio fireplace from Safretti

Safretti Riviera DU GL

Price: £1.635
Items number: BIO-60-219

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White round bio fireplace for the wall

Bio fireplace in white made in a circle shape

Price: £470
Items number: BIO-10-003WH

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Bio ethanol fireplace in stainless steel that can be free standing or wall mounted.

90 cm wide bioethanol fireplace

Price: £410
Items number: BIO-10-035

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Elegant, stainless steel bio ethanol fireplace with a beautifully designed frame.

Steel frame wall biofireplace

Price: £410
Items number: BIO-10-012

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Stainless steel bio fireplace for wall mounting or wall integration. Burning time 5 h.

Stainless steel biofireplace for the wall

Price 585 Now £574
Items number: BIO-10-030

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Black ethanol fireplace which can be mounted on the wall, or be placed on the floor.

Black steel wall mounted ethanol fireplace

Price: £585
Items number: BIO-10-047

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Bioethanol, wall mounted fire Zebra

Zebra biofireplace for wall mounting

Price: £315
Items number: BIO-80-038

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Bio fireplace to be mounted on the wall

Wall biofireplace with vertical steel frame

Price: £495
Items number: BIO-80-039

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Black bio fireplace for wall mounting

Wall biofireplace with horizontal steel frame

Price: £495
Items number: BIO-80-040

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Bio fireplace for wall mounting, horizontal

Horizontal wall biofireplace

Price: £700
Items number: BIO-80-041

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Bioethanol, vertical bio fire

Vertical wall biofireplace

Price: £645
Items number: BIO-80-042

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Does a Bioethanol Wall Fireplace Work Everywhere?

When looking at a wall-mounted fireplace, many people immediately ask themselves whether their home is sufficiently secured or equipped to operate such a fireplace. We can quickly clarify, that most homes are suitable for the operation of an ethanol fireplace.

However, with an ethanol wall fireplace, there are still a few things to consider. One thing that needs to be considered, is the load-bearing capacity of the wall on which the fireplace is to be hung. Thus, the weight of the fireplace should be corespond with the load-bearing capacity to avoid unpleasant surprises. Most wall-mounted fireplaces do not weigh more than 70 kilograms; a weight that most walls can easily support. Nevertheless, you should always check the load-bearing capacity.

It is also important to only hang the mounted bio ethanol fireplace on walls made of fireproof material. For example, a supporting wall made of stone or concrete should be preferred to a wooden wall. For this purpose, a fireproof rear in the fireplace between the fireplace and the wall. This fireproof rear is included in most wall fireplaces.

Do you want a fireplace without a chimney or vent? Then these modern bio fireplaces is be ideal for you – they are pretty much ready to go straight on the wall upon delivery. The same goes for electric fires, but they of course use electricity for burning, the manual bioethanol fireplace only needs bioethanol – that’s it!

Many Designs of Bio Ethanol Fireplace to Choose From

Firstly, when chosing a bio ethanol fireplace, you should know that there are several different types of ethanol fireplaces. These range from freestanding ethanol fireplaces to more fancy ethanol fireplaces that hangs elegantly from the ceiling. Before you make a decision, you should have a look around our webshop to familiarize yourself with all existing categories. In this way, you may be able to narrow down which is the perfect ethanol fireplace for your needs. Should you be finding yourself in coubt, then don't hesitate to contact us, and we will help you find your next fireplace.

Designs for Your Bio Fireplace

The next thing to consider is that there are a large number of different designs. For example, some fireplaces are black, some silver and some white. Some fireplaces are even decorated with glass elements and others are very simple and made of one piece. You can often narrow down exactly what you like and what you are interested in, by browsing around, as this gives you a good overview of the selection offered.

You should be aware to not get too influenced by current trends. For example, the 2019 trend was fireplaces in black or grey. Black is very popular because it can easily adapt to any living situation. But black can also quickly bring certain darkness into the room, which not everyone likes. So whether black should really be your go-to color is something you should decide for yourself.

Some colors in the ethanol fireplace area are very unusual. For example, there are ethanol stoves in the color red. This might look intimidating but this color can be a perfect addition to a more neutral room.

Make yourself aware of the environment in which the ethanol fireplace should have its place. If the fireplace is to be placed in a large, open room, it is also recommended to choose a large fireplace. However, if you are looking for a fireplace for a small apartment, it may be wiser to look for a small table or wall fireplace or similar. In the end, however, your personal taste should be the deciding factor.

Gel or Bioethanol Fireplaces - Which is Better?

The most popular fuel for decorative fireplaces is ethanol or, to be more precise, bioethanol. Bio ethanol fuel is an alcohol obtained from biological matter, such as potatoes or corn waste. This makes the fuel environmentally friendly and perfect for indoor use. Another advantage is that no pollutants, soot or smoke are released when the ethanol is burned.

If you have ever looked at ethanol fireplaces, it is not unlikely that you have heard the term gel fireplace. A gel fireplace, like the bio fireplace, is a decorative fireplace that is mainly used for indoor use. The deco fireplace gets its name from the gel fuel used in the fireplace. This is a paste, which is very flammable.

The paste is also made from ethanol. The only difference is that the paste has solidified. In this way, spilling or spilling of fuel is rather unlikely. At this point, it would be a legitimate question of why we do not carry gel fireplaces in our range. The simple answer is that they cost more to maintain.

Coffee Capsules and Gel Bioethanol?

You may know this from coffee capsules. An average coffee capsule costs about £0.42 directly from the retailer. If you take the weight of an average capsule, you can calculate that 100g of this coffee costs about £7.27. If we now look at the same type of coffee in powder form, we can see that 100g suddenly costs only £1.40. To underline this again, we are still talking about the same kind of coffee. The only difference is that one of them is in capsule form.

Of course, handling the capsules is a little easier, but with an extra charge of a little under £6, it is hardly justifiable. It is similar to ethanol in gel and liquid form. Yes, ethanol in gel form is easier to handle but simply more expensive. Just like coffee, it is the same product. For this reason, we as a shop have decided against selling gel fireplaces.

Alternatives to a Bioethanol Fireplace

Besides gel and bioethanol fireplaces, there are also other kinds of fireplaces such as electric and gas fireplaces that you can use in your home or maybe outside. These also have their advantages and disadvantages. One advantage of electric fireplaces, is that they are reasonably cheap to maintain. The big disadvantage of these electric fireplaces, however, is unfortunately that the flame or fire of the fireplace is not real and so the flame is not as realistic.

Gas fireplaces big disadvantage is the price and installtion - they are a lot more expensive, and require an authorized installer. A gas fireplace, however, can be used as primary source of heat. So if you are looking for a primary heat source a gas fire might just be the thing for you.

How is the Wall Fireplace Installed and What Should I Pay Attention to?

This despends on the model, and whether the ethanol wall fireplace is either screwed directly into the wall or attached to a bracket, which is then screwed into the wall. It is important to ensure that the supporting wall has sufficient load-bearing capacity to support both the ethanol fireplace and the bracket.

To increase the strength of the wall monted bio ethanol fire, it is recommended that the fire be screwed into a supporting beam that runs behind the support wall. If this is not possible, this is not a problem. In this case, however, you should be sure that the supporting wall has the necessary bearing capacity.

Depending on the model, the mounting of the bioethanol fireplace can be a little different. In order to prevent problems, we include assembly instructions with each of our fireplaces, if such instructions are required for the fireplace in question. The assembly instructions can also be found on the product page of the fireplace.

Most of the time, the assembly process is very similar. Depending on the wall and fireplace model, a few holes are drilled in the wall and the fireplace is then fixed in them. If the wall requires it, dowels may need to be placed in the holes.

The same principle also applies if a bracket has to be mounted between the wall and the ethanol fireplace. Simply drill the appropriate holes, place dowels and fasten the ethanol fireplace with the bracket. Any extra applications made of glass or premium stainless steel are only fixed after the actual fireplace has been installed. These are usually mounted with a few screws.

After the steps of the instructions have been carefully followed and the ethanol fireplace has been installed, it is important to check the strength of the fireplace one last time, to ensure that the fireplace is securely attached and fixed. After this step, nothing stands in the way of the cozy fire.

You can read more about how to install a wall mounted fireplace in our guide Installation Of A Wall Bio Fireplace.

Is a Bioethanol Wall Fireplace Safe?

We, at bioethanol-fireplace.co.uk, offer a wide range of ethanol fireplaces, which are all of excellent quality. Safety is our top priority. For good reason, this is one of our core elements, because you should and must never forget that bioethanol fireplaces produces real fire. But unlike a gas fireplace or wood burning stove, you do not need a chimney or vent.

Since our ethanol fireplaces produces real fire, by burning bio ethanol fuel, a high degree of safety is necessary, to ensure safe and accident-free handling of the ethanol fireplaces. All our fireplaces (whether table fireplace, wall mounted fireplace, floor fireplace, insert fireplace or any other type) are therefore tested and certified by TÜV.

At the TÜV our products go through a high number of stress tests. They have all passed these in order to obtain a certificate. In addition, material and assembly are tested for stability and strength. Only when all tests and requirements have been passed and fulfilled, a certificate is issued.

You can, therefore, be sure that our products are as safe as they come. Of course, handling of these fireplaces should still be done responsibly and with care.

You can read more about the safety of bio ethanol fireplaces in our guide section; Bio ethanol fireplace safety distance and risk of fire.

Which Ethanol Wall Fireplace is the Right One for Me?

This is a great question; so which ethanol fireplace should you choose? Its a question that most people asks themselves before buying an bio ethanol fireplace, and it something that should be considered carefully.

Is it perhaps the black fireplace, made of stainless steel in the modern design, or perhaps you'd prefer the wall mounted bio ethanol fireplace, with a glass front, in silver? We will attempt to make this decision easier for you, by explaining a few things and differences, that may help you choose your future fireplace.

Ultimately, Your Taste Decides

Personal taste is the keyword here. What exactly you want and what you ultimately decide on, should depend entirely on your taste. Of course, some things, such as your budget or your living space, can provide a possible framework, but in the end, it should be your taste that decides.

If you need help, suggestions or advice on your purchase or your decision, we at bioethanol-fireplace.co.uk will, of course, be happy to assist you. Our expert team is looking forward to advising you.

Use of Ethanol Wall Fireplaces Outside - Is it Possible?

You bet it is possible!

A bioethanol wall fireplace can be used both indoors and outdoors. Many of our customers have a wall-mounted fireplace outside in the garden. Of course, it is important that the fireplace is not exposed to wind and weather, especially while on. It is therefore recommended to operate the fireplace somewhere shelttered, where the weather does not affect the fireplace too much.

Just as with indoor operation, care should be taken to ensure, that the supporting wall on which the wall-mounted fireplace is to be mounted, has the necessary load-bearing capacity and is fireproof. It is also recommended that the ethanol fireplace be dismantled in winter and stored in a dry and reasonably warm place. If disassembly is not an option, it may be sufficient to cover the bio fireplace with a waterproof tarpaulin or similar.

Shipping and Delivery

Our ethanol fireplaces are delivered with high-quality shipping companies, known for their fast delivery times and high-quality standards. Thus the ordered product is packed by us personally, and then handed over to the shipping company that best fits the order. Since our warehouse is located in Denmark, it takes an average of 3 to 5 days for the delivery to arrive at your home. Shipping costs on orders of £ 100 and upwards are free. This of course also applies on returns, in the unlikely event of a malfunction or complaint.

Some of the fireplaces sold by us require possible additional articles for the assembly or mounting of parts. These parts will always be included. For example, when you buy a fireplace that is to be mounted vertically, a suitable bracket is always included so that the product can be put into operation immediately.

Special Considerations for an Ethanol Wall Fireplace

The big difference from a wall bio ethanol fire to a normal ethanol fireplace is, as the name suggests, that it is wall-mounted. This means that the ethanol fireplace can not simply be placed wherever you want. You have to think about the location to the extent that the wall has the necessary bearing capacity and is fireproof.

These two issues are covered in more detail in our guide section. Here we explain exactly what you need to pay attention to, how much weight an average wall can support and how much an average wall-mounted ethanol fireplace weighs.

Furtermore, the fire consumes only oxygen for burning, so you have to make sure that the room size matches the size of the fireplace, so it won’t take all the oxygen in the room. If the fireplace is too big, you could experience headaches. We have made a guide about these sizes, so you get the right size of your bio fire to mount on the wall here: Room size and the size of a bioethanol fireplace.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the bio fireplace – we will be happy to advise you on the ventless fireplace or maybe where to mount it.

How Much Heat Does a Bio Wall Fireplace Produce?

How much heat an ethanol fireplace produces depends on several things. But by far the most important aspect is the size of the combustion chamber. This determines how much bioethanol can be burned at once and thus the kW/hour output of the fireplace. The principle is that the larger the combustion chamber, the higher the kW/hour output or heat output. Of course, it should also be noted that ethanol consumption increases with the kW output. You should, therefore, think about how much kW output or heat you need when choosing a fireplace.

But a bioethanol fireplace is called a decorative fireplace for a reason. What many people don't know is that under normal conditions an ethanol fireplace cannot produce enough heat to be used as a primary heat source. In the warm summer months, this is possible under certain circumstances, but in winter or for heating, a bio-ethanol fireplace should not be used, as the kW/hour output would simply be too low for this. Nevertheless, an ethanol fireplace can increase the room temperature by a few degrees.

Where and How is the Ethanol Poured into a Wall Fireplace?

Ethanol is, as you probably already know, the fuel of an ethanol fireplace. It is best to buy ethanol in larger quantities, as this saves you money. The more you buy at once, the lower the price per liter. Of course, the amount you pay is higher, but in the end it would be more expensive to buy each bottle or liter of bioethanol separately.

With all ethanol fireplaces, the ethanol is filled directly into the combustion chamber. If you are accurate, you can easily pour the ethanol directly into the combustion chamber without any problems and without any damage. However, if the ethanol fireplace is a little bulky or obstructed, it is advisable to use plastic can or funnel to avoid possible spills.

If some ethanol should get spilled outside the combustion chamber, it is important to clean it up immediately and completely, otherwise, there may be permanent stains. Especially on parquet floors, ethanol stains remain visible for a long time, or under certain circumstances permanently. The ethanol can be easily removed with a damp cloth or rag.

Some bio fireplaces have a special design that allows you to remove the combustion chamber from the decorative stove. This makes it even easier to fill the ethanol into the fireplace. Unfortunately, this type of combustion chamber design is rarely found and you should, therefore, be aware that this is probably not possible.

A wall-mounted fireplace behaves in exactly the same way as other ethanol fireplaces. There are the two possibilities described above, i.e. that you fill the ethanol directly into the combustion chamber or that you can remove the combustion chamber beforehand and then fill in the ethanol.

If you use your bio fireplace a lot, you might want to invest in a bioethanol pump. This pump is especially advantageous if the fireplace is used a lot and often, as the pump saves you the manual refilling. One end of the pump is placed in the bioethanol canister/bottle and the other end is placed in the combustion chamber. Afterward only the start button has to be pressed and the ethanol is automatically pumped into the combustion chamber. Before operating the fireplace, the pump should, of course, be removed again. Another advantage of this filling method is that you cannot spill any ethanol.

You can find our two different pumps here: Manual pump for bioethanol or Pump for Bioethanol made of plastic.

In general, the filling of a wall bio fireplace is no different from filling of any other ethanol fireplace. You also do not need to worry about safety when you fill up a wall fireplace. All our products are certified by TÜV Rheinland. The TÜV Rheinland is known for its strict load tests and requirements and is, therefore, a generally valid seal for high and tested safety.

Tips for a Long-Burning Flame

You have probably already noticed, on the respective product pages for certain products, that the burning time is indicated for ethanol fireplaces. This is composed of the kW output of the respective combustion chamber and the amount of bioethanol that is burned at once. We have a few tips for you here to extend the burning time of your ethanol fireplace stove by quite a bit - and free of charge!

The trick described does not work for all combustion chambers or fireplaces, as not every ethanol fireplace has a stainless steel lid.

Larger ethanol fireplaces and combustion chambers have a stainless steel lid, that can be pulled over the opening with a special hook, to smother the fire and extinguish it. A popular trick is to pull the stainless steel lid partly over the opening, so that the stove flame is smaller. In this way, the burning time of the fireplace can be extended considerably without affecting the atmosphere. As already mentioned, this trick can only be used with ethanol fireplaces that have the stainless steel lid.

Any Questions?

Features to be Aware off About Bio Fireplaces

  • A ventless wall mounted bio fireplace
  • Can be installed on most standard walls
  • The backplate of the fireplace is made in fireproof materials
  • Uses only bioethanol for burning
  • The fire consumes oxygen for burning

If you have further questions or need information about one of our products, a fireplace or our ethanol fuel, we would be pleased to help you. To make this process as easy as possible, we are available for you through several channels with information. We have an online chat for you directly on our homepage. You can also reach us by telephone during our opening hours from Monday to Friday. Of course, we would be just as happy to receive an e-mail.

Bioethanol-fireplace.co.uk wishes you a lot of fun while browsing!