Elegant wall mounted fireplace in striking black, featuring a 1,5L burner.

Elegant black wall mounted fireplace

Item number: BIO-10-040

Square wall-mounted bioethanol fireplace in black. Expected burn time 6 hours per filling. Size: H: 60 x W: 60 x D: 20 cm




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Wall mounted bio fireplace 1,5 L 

Designed in a simple and timeless design, this bio fireplace features a large glass front. The background is a larger than the front plate, giving a more prominent and exclusive look. The back plate is chosen in the black colour because, among other colours, it makes the flame appear powerful and deep. Cleaning and maintenance of the bio fireplace is easy since it does not produce smoke or soot. 

  • Safety glass included 
  • Mounting brackets included
  • 1,5 L burner included 
  • Extinguishing tool included
  • No electricity required
  • Easy and quick to install 

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