Bio Ethanol Wood Stoves

Our bioethanol fireplaces which look like a classic wood stove are so popular! So if you want a contemporary and ecological wood stove for your home - you're in the right place!

The debate is about whetherstoves should be legal or not, and actually stoves from before 2003 are already being banned. So if you are tired of having to completely get rid of the charming stove look, we have the solution! These types of fireplaces are both environmentally friendly and easy to use as they do not require a chimney or other form of ventilation - so you are ready to go when you receive the fireplace and we guarantee you, your new fireplace will light up your home! The only thing you need is your new fuel, bioethanol.

In our guide, you can read more about how to decorate the bio fireplace, to add a more realistic look like a wood stove.

Ethanol wood stove

Products - Wood Stoves For Ethanol

Type of burner
Innovative standing fireplace in black with a 1,5 L burner that provides up to 6 hours burning.

Tarif code: 73218200 - Weight: 38 kg - Origin: China

Wood-burning stove in black

Price: £949,00
Items number: BIO-20-240

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Bioethanol wood stove

Tarif code: 73218200 - Weight: 24 kg - Origin: China

Square Bioethanol wood stove

Price: £949,00
Items number: BIO-20-304

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Inviting, standing fireplace in black with a 1,5 L burner that offers up to 6 hours burn time.

Tarif code: 73218200 - Weight: 34,5 kg - Origin: China

Bioethanol stove in black

Price: £749,00
Items number: BIO-20-239

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Bioethanol classic-inspired fireplace in black with burgundy red sides

Tarif code: 73218200 - Weight: 35 kg - Origin: China

Freestanding ethanol stove

Price: £959,84
Items number: BIO-20-305

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Bio Fireplace with 360 flame-view

Tarif code: 73218200 - Weight: 31 kg - Origin: China

Bio Fireplace with 360 flame-view

Price: £999,00
Items number: BIO-20-296

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Bio wood stove in 360 degrees

Tarif code: 73218200 - Weight: 31 kg - Origin: China

Bio wood stove in white with 360 degrees flameview

Price: £999,00
Items number: BIO-20-297

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Ethanol wood stove in black with cozy flames

Tarif code: 73218200 - Weight: 25 kg - Origin: China

Bio Fireplace Stove With Flat Back

Price: £799,00
Items number: BIO-20-299

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White freestanding fireplace on 100 cm.

Tarif code: 73218200 - Weight: 35 kg - Origin: China

White bio fireplace with a round cut

Price: £729,00
Items number: BIO-20-300

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Scandi Planika

Tarif code: 73218200 - Weight: 50 kg - Origin: Poland


Price: £3.495,84
Items number: BIO-60-066

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Bio ethanol fireplace in the design of a wood burner with a burning time of up to 6 hours

Tarif code: 73218200 - Weight: 12 kg - Origin: China

Steel bio fire in a wood burner design

Price: £639,00
Items number: BIO-20-262

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Easy – Requires no Installment

Do you want a fireplace where you retain the traditional and authentic look as we recall it from the freestanding woodburning stoves but at the same time do not want to bother with splitting burn and cleaning? In that case the bioethanol fireplaces with the woodburning stove-kinda look would be perfect for you. Our ethanol fireplaces are delivered perfectly assembled which means that any private person can mount it themselves.

All you need to do is to unbox it from the cardboard box and the protecting packing. Subsequently the firebox must be lowered into the fitted neckline and then your brand new fireplace furniture is ready to use.

This is How you Use an Ethanol Fireplace

The fireplace for bioethanol is now ready for use and the first filling is about to happen. Different solutions for filling fuel into the container occur. It is possible for you to e.g. do the filling via a funnel, a pump or if you feel safe, directly from the bottle and into the container.

If you are doing the filling via a funnel you can often do that without unmounting the tub in your bio fireplace. The funnel must be placed thus into the opening of the firebox after which bioethanol are filled from the bottle. You must assure that your bioethanol standard is 96,6 percent. All of our fireboxes have a maximum indicator. When the liquid reaches the maximum indicator no more ethanol must be poured in.

Are you pouring our fireplaces via a funnel it will typically happen the same way. In one end the pump is placed in the firebox while the other end is placed into your bottle or bioethanol container. Again, it is important not to overfill your biofireplace.

The more experienced biofireplace users are often doing the filling directly into the container because they are used to the movement. In that case we at recommend to place the firebox upon a table or in the sink from where you can do the ethanol filling safely. If you waste any fuel it is important to clean up before ignition!

Bio Fireplace disguissed as Wood Burning Stove

The purpose with our biofireplaces in this categori is that they must appear as a regular fireplace. The fireplace cosiness is something that we do not want to miss so that is why a lot of people are rarely satisfied with underfloor heating or the radiator. That being said these sources for heat are perfectly made as a complement to the biofireplace. The biofireplace does not heat in the same proportion as a standard fireplace. It is perfect as a supplement and for spreading cosiness but the bio fireplace does not do the primary heating.

You should buy this type of biofireplace if you need an easy and fast flame in your livingroom. The typical customer has had a standard biofireplace for several years and now once more is seeking the vivid fire. They are fascinated by how easy and authentic it really is and for the same reason we often see this solution with experienced fireplace users.

Many people are as a matter of fact choosing to decorate these fireplaces with an artificial chimney so it appears even more real. It could be your chimney from an excisting oven. You could place it by the fireplace without any hassle. Therefore it also is an easy installment of a freestanding decorative chimney.