Bio Ethanol Wood Stoves

Our bioethanol fireplaces that resemble classic wood stoves are highly popular! So if you want a contemporary and ecological wood stove for your home - you are in the right place!

There has been extensive debate about whether stoves should be legal or not, and in fact stoves produced before 2003 are already banned. So if you do not want to say goodbye to the charming look of a woodburning stove, we have the solution! These types of fireplaces are both environmentally friendly and easy to use, as they do not require a chimney or any other form of ventilation - so you are ready to begin enjoying your stove once you receive it. We guarantee that your new fireplace will light up your home! The only thing you need is your bioethanol fuel.

Our bioethanol stoves usually comes in a free-standing design. You can find our full selection of freestanding fireplaces here:

Ethanol wood stove

Products - Wood Stoves For Ethanol

Type of burner
Innovative standing fireplace in black with a 1,5 L burner that provides up to 6 hours burning.

Bioethanol Wood-burning Stove in Black

Price: £739
Items number: BIO-20-240

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Bioethanol wood stove

Square Bioethanol Wood Stove

Price: £739
Items number: BIO-20-304

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Ethanol stove in square design

Square Simple Ethanol Stove

Price: £799
Items number: BIO-20-311

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Inviting, standing fireplace in black with a 1,5 L burner that offers up to 6 hours burn time.

Bioethanol Stove in Black

Price: £799
Items number: BIO-20-239

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Bioethanol classic-inspired fireplace in black with burgundy red sides

Freestanding Ethanol Stove

Price: £739
Items number: BIO-20-305

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Bio Fireplace with 360 flame-view

Bio Fireplace With 360 Flame-View

Price: £1.169
Items number: BIO-20-296

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Ethanol wood stove in black with cozy flames
Ethanol wood stove in black with cozy flames

Bio Fireplace Stove With Flat Back

Price: £799
Items number: BIO-20-299

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Scandi Planika


Price: £2.149
Items number: BIO-60-066

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Bioethanol fireplace designes as a stove

Ethanol Stove On Stand

Price: £859
Items number: BIO-20-309

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Bio ethanol fireplace in the design of a wood burner with a burning time of up to 6 hours

Steel Bio Fire in Wood Burner Design

Price: £679
Items number: BIO-20-262

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Bioethanol Fireplace - Just Like the Traditional Woodburning Stove

The bioethanol fireplaces are meant to resemble the traditional fireplaces. Many love the cosiness created by a fireplace and are therefore not satisfied with only underfloor heating or radiators. Nonetheless, these sources of heat are a perfect companion for the bio fireplace, as it does not provide as much heat as a more traditional woodburning fireplace. The bio fireplace is therefore the perfect supplement for other heating measures, not the primary source of heat - and most of all, a provider of wonderful cosiness!

We recommend this type of bio fireplace to anyone who wants an easy and quickly ignited flame in their living room. The typical customer has had a standard woodburning fireplace for several years, and misses the atmosphere created by the live fire. The easiness of use and the feeling of authenticity in these fireplaces are often something the user falls in love with, which is why we often see experienced fireplace users turn to this solution.

Many choose to decorate these ethanol fireplaces with an artificial chimney, which creates an even more authentic appearance to the ethanol fireplace. This could be done using an existing chimney from an oven, which could be easily placed by the fireplace. Installing a decorative chimney for your fireplace can therefore be very simple.

Easy – No Installation Needed

Do you want am ethanol fireplace that retains the traditional and authentic look of the freestanding woodburning stoves, while freeing you from the task of chopping firewood and cleaning the fireplace? In that case, the bioethanol fireplaces that greatly resemble the woodburning stove may be perfect for you. Our bio ethanol fires are delivered perfectly assembled, which means that any one can mount the stove by themselves.

All you need to do is unbox your new stove from the cardboard box and the protective packaging material. The fireplace must then be lowered into its fitted support after which it is ready to use!

This is How you Use an Ethanol Fireplace

An ethanol fireplace is ready for use and the first filling of bioethanol almost immediately. There are different methods to filling the container with fuel. You may use a funnel, a pump or if you feel safe, pour the bioethanol directly from the bottle into the ethanol burner.

If you are using a funnel to pour the fuel into the burner, you can often do it without removing the fuel container from you bio fireplace. The funnel must be placed into the opening of the firebox, after which bioethanol is poured from the bottle. It is important to ensure that your bioethanol is 96,6 percent alcohol. All of our fireboxes have an indicator for the maximum filling level. When the liquid reaches the maximum indicator, no more ethanol must be poured in.

Filling the container with bioethanol using a pump will typically happen in a similar manner. One end of the pump is placed in the ethanol burner, while ethanol is poured into the other end. Again, make sure to not overfill the burner.

The more experienced bio fireplace owner may often pour the fuel directly into the container, as they know how to do it safely. In that case, we at recommend placing the firebox on a table or in the sink, where you can do the filling safely. If any fuel spills to the surroundings in the process, it is crucial to clean it up before ignition!