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Automatic bioethanol fireplace with closed glass on the front. This is the perfect fireplace for families with children and pets.

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Planika Fires Scandi bioethanol fireplace with closed glass

As something completely unique, this bioethanol fireplace is enclosed with glass, so that curious children and pets cant approach the flame. The bioethanol fireplace thus has a glass screen all the way on the front which stabilizes and protects the flame. At the top of the fireplace, a vent is constructed. This can be used to connect an exhaust, and convert the heat out in the house or outside. 

Scandi is produced for bioethanol-skeptics, as think fireplaces for bioethanol is dangerous and then also want the more traditional design as a wood stove. Here is the fireplace closed with glass, and the smell from the ethanol will not go out in the room. This is designed as a traditional classic wood stove and the filling system has never been easier. 

Automatic ethanol burner

The automatic bioethanol fireplace burner is patented with the BEV technology, which is the most advanced technology in the industry. It ensures the cleanest combustion without any kind of smoke, ash or soot. The flame is thus created by burned ethanol vapors and therefore has no direct contact with the fuel. 

You can use the flame in 2 levels, which means that the Scandi fireplace both can burn on an Eco or cozy level as we call it. Alternatively, you can set it on the high level and use the fireplace as a heat source in the nearby area. Scandi can either be controlled by a remote control or on the integrated control panel behind the fireplace door. 

As something very special for this bioethanol fireplace, a separately tank can be chosen where the fireplace itself pumps the new fuel. Thus, you do not have to fill bioethanol on the fireplace yourself - again a great safety precaution.