How Much does it Cost to Run a Bioethanol fire?

How much does it cost to have an ethanol fireplace ignited? That is a question that many people ask themselves when considering buying a bio fuel fire. Even though a bio fireplace can be beautiful when it is put out, it is when the flames are burning that it is the most attractive. But the cost of having a bio ethanol fireplace ignited can vary, as it depends on which kind of bio-fireplace you have. We will, however, attempt to provide an answer on the cost here.

Consumption of Bioethanol Fuel

As mentioned above, the cost of the consumption of bioethanol fuel can vary depending on the type of bioethanol fire and burner you have. To provide an accurate estimation, the point of origin will be the 1,5L burning chamber which is the most common in our bio ethanol fires. It is also what the majority of our bio ethanol fires are installed with.

Let's assume that you use your bio fireplace an average of 4 hours a week throughout the year. This means the bioethanol fire will be ignited 212 hours per year. As our 1,5 litres burning chamber can burn up to 3 hours per filling, it has a consumption of 0,5 litres per hour. For it to burn 212 hours, the bioethanol fire needs 106 litres of bioethanol.

If you buy our largest package of bio ethanol fuel containing 24L, our current price is £89, meaning 1 litre costs £3,71.

Therefore, if your biofire is averagely ignited for 4 hours a week, all year round, then your biofuel fireplace with a 1,5L capacity will consume bio ethanol fuel for £393,26 per year.

The above is an attempt on calculating an estimated price for having a bio fireplace ignited. The actual consumption costs can vary depending on the ventilation, room size, and the model of the various bio ethanol fires.

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