How much does an electric fireplace cost?

Electric fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular, and we often find that it replaces the more traditional fireplaces and stoves. Although many connect it to an electric radiator, one of the benefits is the energy efficiency.

Electric fireplace and efficiency

The electric heating component in the fireplace converts electricity directly into heat. The efficiency rate is approx. 99%. Since an electric fireplace does not need a chimney or ventilation, the heat comes directly into the room as radiant heat. This way, direct and immediate heat is spread in the room where the electric fireplace is mounted.

Efficiency does not mean heating the whole house

Although the electric fireplace is incredibly efficient, it is not meant to heat your entire house. The electric fireplace is perfect as a secondary heat source or as a cosy element. However, as a primary heat source, the electric fireplace will immediately be ineffective. They are not manufactured with as high a performance that they can be used as primary heat sources in a home.

Conversely, they can ensure that you do not necessarily need to dress layer by layer because they are extremely effective around the fireplace itself. Therefore, they can be energy-saving if you do not want to fire up the central heating, but simply want heat in the room in which you are located. The electric fireplace is, therefore, a zone heater.

Zone heating can in principle be said to be heating in exactly the room you want. For example, you can turn off the central heating and turn on an electric fireplace in the living room while enjoying the latest entertainment program on the TV. This way you save money on the electricity bill without freezing in the living room.

An electric fireplace and its price

Electric fireplaces can typically be set at several levels. It is also possible to adjust whether they should be with or without heat. There is a significant difference between these options. Of course, it is the most expensive heat level to use. However, the good news is that even if you use the heating module, the electric fireplace is still relatively cheap to use. It uses approx. 1.5 kW per hour when the heating module is connected to a high level. This corresponds to an hourly rate of approx. 3. If you reduce the heat effect to a low level, the price will be cut to half, approx. 1.5 per hour. If you use the electric fireplace as pure comfort without the heat effect, then it has a very low consumption per hour.

Whether it is a freestanding removable electric fireplace, a wall mounted, or an insert, they are relatively inexpensive to operate. This is especially true for zone heating - i.e. heating in the room in question, where a rise in temperature is desired. The advantage of the electric fireplace over an electric radiator is that in addition to heat it produces cozy and beautiful flames.