Slimline 140 cm burner Icon Fires

Icon Fires Slimline Burner - 140 cm

Icon Fires

Item number: BIO-70-216

Large and modern bioethanol burner with adjustable flames and heat. Size: H: 10 x W: 140 x D: 12,5 cm




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Slimline burner 140 cm 

An extraordinary and simple, modern burner of stainless steel with slim outer edge. Perfect burner for installation or immersion in any DIY projects. There is an opportunity to adjust the beautiful, natural flames and temperature according to your own preferences. The burner is outstanding and luxurious in its surroundings. 

  • High performance of burning time
  • Flame and heat control 
  • Electronic pump for refueling 
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors 
  • Suitable for DIY projects 

These luxury bio fires are high standard ones, with advanced technology in performance, functionality and design. This is what makes Icon Fires one of the bio market's leading companies.