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Foco bio fireplace pictures from our customers

Our brand FOCO for building into the wall is very easy to install and would be the perfect fireplace for you next DIY project. In this page you will find some pictures of different FOCO models from our customers.

We hope you get inspired by their installations and make your own project. We are happy to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us via email, live chat or phone if you have any questions regarding the installation of a bioethanol fireplace.

Foco Room Divider 800 Superior 80 cm
Foco - Corner Left 1200
Foco Room Divider 800 in wall
Foco Room Divider 800
Foco Room Divider with chair and lamp
Foco Room Divider 800 wood panels
Foco Room Divider I-wood akustikpaneler
Room Divider Foco 800
Foco Two customized
Foco Two specialized
Foco Two Slim 1200 Bioethanol fireplace
Foco - Room Divider 800

Here is an overview of our Foco fireplaces

Foco One

1-sided fireplace that can be inserted into the wall. It comes in different sizes, with models made for narrow walls. Perfect if you want a fireplace with a flame-view from the front.

Foco Two

Enjoy the flames from two different rooms. This fireplace has a tunnel vision, so you can see the fire from two separate places. This models also is available in a slim alternative.

Foco Three

3-sided bioethanol fireplace where you can see the flames from the left, front and right side. This fireplace is perfect for mounting into a column.

Foco Four

This fireplace consists in a base plate with a bioethanol burner and a metal plate for the top part to protect the wall from the top.

Foco Room Divider

A 3-sided room divider fireplace that can be built into the wall and allow you to see the flames from three different sides. Choose between the different standard dimensions.

Foco Corner

The corner alternative is designed to be built into a corner of your wall. We offer you a right or a left fireplace that will be opened from the front and from one side.

Foco Free

Finally, this fireplace consists of a bottom plate with a cut out with a bioethanol burner. This one is designed for those who want complete freedom!


All of our designs can be custom made with your dimensions. The tailor-made fireplace has a 5 to 6 weeks delivery time. You can add beautiful heat resistant glass in different height to all of our fireplace. For some fireplace it possible to cover one side completely with glass, but remember bioethanol needs air to burn. We recommend to always leave the necessary space for the air to flow inside the fireplace.

Enjoy the photos and feel free to write is in case you have any questions!

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