Tabletop Bioethanol Fireplace

A freestanding ethanol fireplace for the table is the perfect bio-fireplace for those who want something small and elegant at the same time. The great thing is that table fireplaces are now available in many different colours, finishes, and designs, so you no longer have to compromise when choosing a small table fire. An ethanol table fireplace is the perfect decorative fire for small apartments or rooms.

Tabletop bioethanol fireplace

Products - Fireplaces For Your Table

Type of burner
Bargain, black freestanding tabletop sized bio fireplace perfect as a shelf decoration.

Black freestanding bio fireplace

Price: £175
Items number: BIO-20-272

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Front curved, free standing fireplace in steel and black offering 6 hours of burning.

Stainless steel and black floor fireplace

Price: £270
Items number: BIO-20-268

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Bio ethanol free standing fireplace that creates circulating, dancing flames when burning.

Hydro Bioethanol fireplace

Price 210 Now £178
Items number: BIO-20-261

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Steel and glass tabletop bio fireplace in square design with a 1,2 L burner. Burning time 3h.

Black and Glass Square Bio fireplace for Table

Price 200 Now £154
Items number: BIO-20-204

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Small London table bio fire in white

White London bio fireplace

Price: £175
Items number: BIO-20-281

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Small London table bio fire in black

Black London bio fireplace

Price: £175
Items number: BIO-20-282

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Circular and exclusive tabletop bio fireplace in steel. Featuring a burning time of up to 3h.

Small Round Glass Biofireplace

Price: £210
Items number: BIO-20-202

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Small tabletop bio fireplace of steel and glass. Featuring a 700 ml  burner that burns for 3 hours.

Glass Biofireplace with Steel Burner

Price: £115
Items number: BIO-20-207

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Square Table Biofireplace

Square Table Biofireplace

Price: £60
Items number: BIO-20-224

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Circular tabletop fireplace wit glass panels on the sides. Easy to move at only 5 kg.

Circular Bioethanol Table Fireplace

Price: £115
Items number: BIO-20-235

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Small, tabletop bio fireplace of stainless steel. 0,5L burner providing up to 2 burning hours.

Cube tabletop bio fire in steel

Price 60 Now £58
Items number: BIO-20-246

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White tabletop bio fireplace made in steel with a 0,5L burner offering up to 2 burning hours.

Cube table bio fire White

Price: £45
Items number: BIO-20-247

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Circular, tabletop bio ethanol fireplace in black. Providing up to 2 hours of enchanting flames.

Round table bioethanol fire black

Price: £105
Items number: BIO-20-248

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White cradle shaped fireplace with glass panels- the 1 L burner provide up to 2,5 h of burning.

Cradle table fireplace - White

Price: £150
Items number: BIO-20-256

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Red cradle shaped fireplace with glass panels- the 1 L burner provide up to 2,5 h of burning.

Cradle table fireplace - Red

Price: £150
Items number: BIO-20-257

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Black, tabletop bio ethanol fireplace. Designed in the shape of a table with glass features.

Bioethanol table fireplace - black

Price: £95
Items number: BIO-20-258

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White tabletop bio ethanol fire. Designed in the shape of a table featuring glass panels.

Bioethanol tabletop fireplace - White

Price: £95
Items number: BIO-20-259

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Cradle shaped fireplace in black with two glass panels. Features up to 2,5 hours of burning.

Cradle table fireplace - Black

Price 175 Now £166
Items number: BIO-20-265

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Curved bio fireplace with glass

Oval, table bio fireplace

Price: £175
Items number: BIO-20-277

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White bio fireplace

White table top bio fire

Price: £200
Items number: BIO-20-278

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Small table bio fireplace in white

White, small bio fire in steel construction

Price: £140
Items number: BIO-20-279

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Small table bio fireplace in black

Small, black bio fire in steel construction

Price: £140
Items number: BIO-20-280

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Curved bio fireplace for table

Arc Mini - Curved bio fireplace for table

Price: £165
Items number: BIO-80-049

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Curved bio fireplace for table

Arc - Curved bio fireplace for table or floor

Price: £260
Items number: BIO-80-050

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Oval - Tabletop bio fireplace

Oval - Bio fireplace for table

Price: £185
Items number: BIO-80-051

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Berlin mini - small table fireplace

Berlin mini - small bio fireplace for table

Price: £220
Items number: BIO-80-052

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Quadra bio fireplace from Ebios Fires

Quadra Base Ebios Fire

Price: £1.500
Items number: BIO-90-109

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Bioethanol fireplace Elipse Base

Elipse Base Ebios Fire

Price: £1.485
Items number: BIO-90-110

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Bio fireplace for the table with visible flameview

Ovoid table bio fireplace in white

Price: £200
Items number: BIO-20-298

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Standa Uno Black - Table bioethanol fire from Nordlys Denmark

Standa Uno - Black

Price: £610
Items number: BIO-50-115

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Standa Uno White - Table bio fire from Nordlys Denmark

Standa Uno - White

Price: £610
Items number: BIO-50-116

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Round table-top bioethanol fireplace - black

Round table-top bioethanol fireplace - black

Price: £235
Items number: BIO-20-301BK

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Round table-top bioethanol fireplace - white

Round table-top bioethanol fireplace - white

Price: £235
Items number: BIO-20-301WH

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Dancing Flames table fireplace

Dancing Flames table fireplace

Price: £295
Items number: BIO-60-064

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Our Bioethanol Table Fireplaces

In the past, there was only a limited number of designs and materials to choose from if you wanted a small decorative fire for the table. Fortunately, this is no longer the case today. The choice has increased considerably and you would think that there is something for everyone.

We have spared no expense and effort to offer you the best products and items from the best manufacturers. We hope that you will therefore find something in our shop and we wish you a lot of fun browsing! If you are interested in other designs, the ethanol fireplace is available in our shop in completely different shapes and designs.

Just have a look around. If you have any questions, we will help you and are happy to get in touch with you quickly.

There are a lot of pros with these small fires. All these tabletop fires are ventless and ready to be used after delivery to your home. Furthermore they are not only for indoor use, but can also be used outside on the terrace.

The Right Tools

One may now ask what tools have to do with a small decorative fire. Well, let us explain that to you quickly.

Tools in the context of a tabletop fire have nothing to do with tools that you keep in your household or garage. The tool meant here is used to extinguish the fireplace.

Since all the tabletop fireplaces is with a manual burner, the way to control it is all most the same.

The tool looks like a long metal rod with a small round plate at the end. This small plate is placed on the open flame or fire and then slowly smothered. There is a similar tool that is also used to extinguish candles. This is also placed over the flame. Thus the oxygen is extracted from it and it goes out after only a very short time.

Different Shapes and Materials - Something for Everyone

As with many other ethanol fireplaces, they exist in many versions, in many shapes and the design is also very versatile. So it should be possible to find the fireplace who fits into your home.

The latest in 2021 is not fancy, but rather simple and elegant. For example, black, white, silver, and grey are very popular colors. The materials that are very often used are stainless steel and glass. Stainless steel is often the basis of the ethanol fireplace and glass is often used for decoration or applications. Of course, it is also often used for simpler things, such as a sidewall. They all looks very modern in the right surroundings.

There are several categories within this fireplace category. So there are many designs and colors. One is rather plain, the other is more colorful. The elegant ethanol fireplaces are often black and the fancy, colorful fireplaces are often red or yellow.

A very special one, which definitely belongs to the category "colorful", is the crib fireplace. It gets its name from its shape. Quite right, the shape of the bio ethanol fireplace resembles that of a crib. The lower frame, which is made of stainless steel, is colored and a polished glass plate is placed on top of it. A fire extinguishing tool is of course also available.

How to Fill your Bioethanol Fireplace

When refilling a bio-ethanol fireplace, whether it is a wall, table or floor fireplace, it is important to pay attention to a few things, otherwise, you create potential hazards.

The first thing to pay attention to when refilling an ethanol fireplace is to make sure you know exactly where to fill it up. Almost all bio-fireplaces are filled directly through the combustion chamber, i.e. the opening where the fire comes out at the end. The opening is often very narrow, especially with these fireplaces this is often the case. To ensure that nothing goes wrong, it is advisable to insert a funnel into the opening and use it to fill the bioethanol fireplace.

Some of these fires have relatively small combustion chambers that only fit less than a liter. It can, therefore, be an advantage to measure the alcohol to be filled beforehand so that nothing goes wrong. There are practical plastic cans for this purpose, which are provided with a small measuring scale (usually in liters) on the side. This makes it easy to measure the perfect amount of ethanol for the respective fire site.

If contrary to expectations, something should go wrong, it is important to remove the remains completely. If this is not done, stains on the floor and a possible fire hazard cannot be excluded. In most cases, it can be removed without residue with a damp cloth.

It is also important when filling a mini-fireplace to use the correct bio-ethanol. Contrary to popular opinion, not all bioethanol is the same as fuel. The purity of the alcohol determines how good or suitable it is for burning in such a model. If the degree of purity of the mixture is too high, it burns too quickly and it becomes too hot and may not be able to withstand the heat for too long. After all, the mini-deco stove is not a heater.

If the degree of purity is too low, which can often happen when you buy the fuel in a hardware store, the flame or burning is too "bad". By this, we mean that the flame often goes out or flickers. To avoid this, you should also avoid buying ethanol in a DIY store.

The correct purity level for the fuel to be burned in a bio-ethanol fireplace is 96.6%. This mixture is the perfect balance between heat, power and flame size. The great thing is that the more liters you buy, the more you save.

Not Enough Space for a Bio Fireplace? No Problem!

The reason why many people reach for a small organic fire is not that it fits perfectly on a table. The reason is often a different one.

Many of us often live in smaller apartments in the middle of the city. Often there is not enough space in these apartments to accommodate a full-size bioethanol fireplace. The sheer space that a large bio fireplace can take up is usually too valuable to have an ethanol fireplace there. Nevertheless, many people don't want to miss the great feeling and the unmistakable atmosphere that such a decorative fireplace can exude with ease.

Therefore, many choose this small version of the ethanol fireplace. Just like its big brother, a bio-table fire consumes fuel. So the flame is generated inside the fireplace to create a great atmosphere and the great fire play.

The great thing about a bio-deco fireplace is that you can place it almost anywhere. The fire bowls fit almost anywhere. Whether on the cupboard, on the table or on the shelf, the fire bowl can be placed almost anywhere and thus becomes the perfect decoration object for small homes.

Due to the versatile design that a small organic fireplace has to offer, it adapts playfully to every living situation. The material the fire bowls are made of is usually aluminum or stainless steel. Both aluminum and stainless steel are both incredibly light metals. So you don't have to worry about whether the surface on which you plan to place it can support the weight of the fireplace.

Some of our customers even use our ethanol tabletop fireplace for Feng Shui. Feng Shui is an art of furnishing that originates from the Asian region. It is all about letting the right energy flow through the room by arranging the furnishings in the room correctly and appropriately.

How to Order from Us

Ordering from us is very easy. It does not require extensive IT knowledge or anything else. If you have ever ordered from another seller such as Carlo Milano or Amazon, you know how easy it is to place an order.

First of all, go to our homepage. Since you are reading this guide, you are already on our website. To get to the homepage and thus to our entire assortment, simply click on the "" logo at the top of this page. This will take you immediately to our homepage.

On our homepage, you will find our entire selection of different categories. You can simply click on a category and then you will be taken to the entire selection of articles in that category. After you have gained an overview of the available goods, you will have to decide on a decoration oven.

Once you have decided on a bio-ethanol fireplace, simply click on "Add to shopping cart" on the respective product page. The item will then be placed in your shopping cart, where you can check everything once again before placing your order.

Here you can also see the total price of £. This price is calculated from the shipping and the value of the fireplace. From a value of goods of more than 100 £, the delivery is included and therefore the shipping costs are omitted (within the UK).

After you have added all your desired goods to the shopping cart, you can check out and pay. In this step, you will be asked to check the order from the fireplace again and enter your name, address, and the desired payment method. Once this has been done, we will receive your order. We will then process it immediately so that the products are delivered to you as soon as possible. The shipping of the delivery usually takes 3-5 working days.

Bioethanol Tabletop Fireplaces - Perfect for Table and Shelf

The name of the fireplace may determine the use of the fireplace at first. So when you hear the word table fireplace at first, you think that it can only be used on tables. But fortunately, this is not true.

This small fire got its name from its size. Because a bioethanol table fireplace is usually small, so small that you can put it on a table or a shelf. Other fireplaces, such as a wall-mounted or freestanding fireplace, must stand upright or be hung on the wall or ceiling - or to put it another way - their names determine exactly how it can be used.

For example, many of our customers have made a small space for the decorative fire on the bookshelf. Here you can see it from everywhere and it lights up the whole room and fills it with a relaxed atmosphere.

So you see that although the name may suggest it, a tabletop fireplace can certainly find other uses. Be creative and find out for yourself where the ethanol decorative fire fits best into your home and your interior design style.

Keeping the Fire at Half Flame

The same principle also applies to a larger decorative oven. The larger models usually have a metal rod that is used to extinguish the fireplace. This is used to slide a small stainless steel plate, which is placed on the combustion chamber, over the opening of the fireplace.

After the plate is pushed over the fire, it is suffocated and goes out after a short time.

An advantage of the tabletop fire method is that with this method you can also regulate the flame with the tool. In this way, the oxygen supply to the fire can be regulated by pushing the plate over the opening of the flame not completely but only partially. This way the flame no longer burns at full power and bioethanol is saved.

In the End, You Decide

The last category of these small fires that we would like to introduce to you is on their glass frame.

So these fireplaces have neither a stand nor do they stand on the chamber itself. They stand on the frame of the same fireplace. This is an incredibly great effect and simply super beautiful. With some decorative fireplaces it even almost looks as if the chamber, which is mounted between the glass, is floating. The color of the chamber is also variable here. For example, they are available in black, silver or grey.

A trend that is really very new and beautiful.

It is worthwhile to visit us more often because we often have great offers for this kind of atmosphere-spraying fireplaces.

Before the Fireplace is Put into Operation

It is important to check the fireplace with the glass rim before starting the fireplace with the glass rim after receiving the delivery for possible faults or defects. Before shipping from our warehouse, each model is thoroughly checked and wrapped in safety foil several times. Nevertheless, it is possible that the goods may suffer defects when shipped. This is not due to poor service or inferior quality shipping, but because the glass of the fireplace is simply very thin and often has come a long way.

If, contrary to expectations, you receive a defective fireplace or ethanol fireplace with defective glass or similar, please contact us immediately so that we can send you a new part.

Fireplaces for Outdoors

Many of the large fireplaces are simply too large or too elaborate for outdoor use. Many of the large ethanol fireplaces must be well protected from wind and weather and ideally placed under a covered terrace. When the bioethanol fireplace is no longer needed, it must be covered with a waterproof and windproof tarpaulin so that it is well protected. You also need to obtain a lot of information to make sure that you are doing everything right. Information that takes a lot of time to collect.

Of course, this is not to say that a large ethanol wall or free-standing fireplace is not the perfect decorative piece for many. What we mean by this is that the sheer effort involved in such a project is simply too much for many. So a space-saving and cheaper alternative is needed. The solution is an ethanol tabletop fireplace.

An ethanol tabletop fire has all the advantages that a real outdoor professional needs to be able to enjoy it outdoors in all its glory without any problems. Operating this fireplace outdoors does not require much effort or conditions. You don't need a lot of space, or a covered place where the fire can stand (at least not when it is in operation).

The only thing you need is a lazy summer evening and some bio-alcohol (for the ethanol fireplace of course). That's all you need. You don't have to go on a search anymore. The ethanol fireplace extends the evenings on the veranda, so you can enjoy them much longer.

This fireplace is so light and handy that you can take it with you wherever you go. You simply have to bring it from outside to inside and vice versa when you are finished. Even in the garden on the lawn, the decorative fire makes a great impression.

You also don't have to limit yourself to a certain shape or the like anymore. No matter whether stainless steel chamber or rather aluminium, every design and version of the bio-ethanol table fire can be wonderfully taken outside and into the garden.

Under certain circumstances, the bio-ethanol fireplace may need a little more care and cleaning because it is exposed to different conditions, but this is by no means tedious or exhausting. A soft hand brush for coarse dirt should be enough. Afterward, go over it with a damp cloth and wipe it with a dry one and the outdoor fireplace is clean again.

You can find our ethanol fireplaces as well as our fuel on our homepage, on Amazon and on eBay. If you have any questions or need information, we will, of course, be happy to help you.

Where Can I Use a Bioethanol Fireplace and Does it Work?

So all in all, there is a lot of pros with these small bio fireplaces. Shortly we can say this about a table bio fireplace:

  • Can be used outdoor and indoor
  • A ventless bio fireplace
  • Small and easy removable fireplace
  • Comes in different designs, so you can chose the best one for your home interior
  • The needed tools for a bio fireplace is included


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