Freestanding biofire steel UFO-60 from Hein & Haugaard

Steel UFO-60 freestanding bio fireplace

Hein & Haugaard

Item number: BIO-40-017

UFO-60 biofire from Hein & Haugaard


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Freestanding biofireplace of steel 

Timeless, elegant bio fireplace in a unique design from Hein & Haugaard. Handmade biofire made to stand on the floor. Beautiful combination between the rustic and soft design. Flames seem stronger and highlighted in the dark inside. The top of the fireplace will have a gold like colour due to the heat of the fire. 


  • Foot braces
  • 1,5 L burner 
  • Extinguishing tool 

Burning time up to 6 hours per filling, no electricity required. 

The model is also available in smaller version, see more here

Read more about the supplied burner.

NOTE: By default, UFO and foot will be delivered in the same colour. However, it is possible to make different colour combinations if desired.