Hein and Haugaard Oxide UFO-60 ceiling-mounted bio fireplace

Oxide UFO-60 Ceiling-mounted Bio Fireplace

Hein & Haugaard

Item number: BIO-40-007

Oxide UFO-60 Ceiling-mounted bio ethanol Fireplace is a handcrafted by Hein & Haugaard in Denmark. Up to 6 hours burn time.







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Ceiling mounted fireplace from Hein & Haugaard

Oxide UFO-60 is a stainless steel handcrafted ceiling-mounted bio ethanol fireplace, designed and produced at Hein & Haugaard in Northeren Jutland, Denmark.

The Oxide model of UFO-60 the frame has been given an acid, heat and oil treatment, which gives a caramel like surface. The final result of this Oxide treatment varies lot which makes every Oxide UFO-60 Unique!

Since all Hein & Haugaard bio ethanol fireplaces are handmade, there will no be two fireplaces, which are completely the same. Each fireplace has its own unique expression.

  • 1.5L bio ethanol burner included
  • Ceiling pole included
  • Ceiling mount included - choose between regular or angled mount

It is recommended to install the fireplace with a minimum distance of 60-85 cm. to the floor from the bottom of the fireplace. However, the fireplace can easily hang higher from the floor.

The included burner is BIO309. A fiber cotton filled no-spill ethanol burner, which ensures safe and easy use.

It is possible to get the ceiling pole produced in bespoke measurements. Furthermore there are several color combinations available. Please contact customer service for more information.