Corner bio fireplace 60 cm (right)

Corner bio fireplace 60 cm (right)

Item number: BIO-80-029

H: 48 x W: 60 x D: 28 cm





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Corner bio fireplace 60 cm, right sided

Modern bioethanol fireplace to mount it on the corner of a wall. It is a perfect solution to divide two rooms, for example kitchen and dining room, in a smart way. The main advantage of such fireplace is the possibility to enjoy the flames from several sides which makes it a wonderful experience.

This model is black, opened on right side and has a 1,2 L burner included. The fireplace includes a slider which enables user to easily put out the fire. Maintenance and installation of this fireplace is effortless since it is a ready made box. The only thing you need to do is to place it in a hole in the wall.  

  • 1,2 L burner 
  • Up to 3 burning hours 
  • Lighter and funnel included 
  • Fully mounted on delivery 
  • Electricity not required

This model is also available in left-sided version

You can also add glass tiles to make the bio fireplace safer.