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Bioethanol Burner & Four-Sided Built-In Fireplaces

Whether you want to build your bioethanol fireplace from scratch, give your old fireplace a new life with a closed chimney, or leave the bioethanol burner to stand on its own, these burners will inspire you. In our assortment, you will find burners from 1.0 to 23.0 liters capacity.

Our burners are divided into manual and automatic bioethanol burners. All our burners are of very good quality and have very high durability. The automatic burners, on the other hand, are slightly more expensive but have the latest technologies for an even more comfortable and safe fireplace experience.

You can our full product range for built-in fireplaces here:

Bioethanol burner for DIY projects

Products - Bioethanol Burners

Type of burner
Bioethanol Brandkar med 1,5 liter kapacitet i stål

1,5 Liter bioethanol brandkar

Price: £150
Items number: BIO399

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1,0 liter deluxe bioethanol burner in stainless steel. Expected burn time 5 hours.

Deluxe Bio burner - 1 Litre

Price 90 Now £82
Items number: BIO308

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Deluxe, 1,5 liter bioethanol burner produced in stainless steel. Lightweight at only 2,3 kg with burning time of up to 3 h.

Deluxe Bio burner - 1,5 litres (W: 32 cm)

Price: £115
Items number: BIO309

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Deluxe 2 litre  bioethanol burner produced in stainless steel. Lightweight at only 3kg with a four hour burning time.

Deluxe Bio burner - 2,0 litres (W: 32 cm)

Price: £135
Items number: BIO310

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Deluxe 2,5 liter  bioethanol burner produced in stainless steel. Lightweight at only 3kg with a 6 hour burning time.

Deluxe Bio burner - 2,5 litres (W: 32,5 cm)

Price: £175
Items number: BIO311

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2,5 L burner produced in stainless steel. Expected burning time of up to 3 hours.

Superior 2,5 Litres Bioethanol Burner (W: 45 cm)

Price: £295
Items number: BIO316

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3,5L burner produced in stainless steel. Expected burning time of up to 5 hours. Dimensions: H: 8 x W: 60 x D: 16 cm

Superior 3,5 Litres Bioethanol Burner (W: 60 cm)

Price: £295
Items number: BIO324

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60 cm outdoor bioethanol burner

3,5 Litre Outdoor Superior Burner - W: 60 cm

Price: £295
Items number: BIO324-out

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4L burner produced in stainless steel. Expected burning time of up to 4 hours.

Superior 4 Litres Bioethanol Burner (W: 80 cm)

Price: £350
Items number: BIO317

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4,5L burner made in stainless steel with an expected burning time of up to 4,5 hours. Dimensions: H:16 x W:90 x D:8 cm

Superior 4.5 Litres Bioethanol Burner (W: 90 cm)

Price: £410
Items number: BIO339

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5L burner produced in stainless steel. Expected burning time of up to 5 hours. Dimensions: H:16 x W:100 x D:8 cm

Superior 5 Litres Bioethanol Burner (W: 100 cm)

Price: £470
Items number: BIO322

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Automatic biofireplace burner with remote

Automatic remote controlled burner 40 cm

Price: £1.375
Items number: BIO361

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6L burner produced in stainless steel. Expected burning time of up to 8 hours. Dimensions: H: 8 x W: 120 x D: 16 cm

Superior 6 Litres Bioethanol Burner (W: 120 cm)

Price: £585
Items number: BIO323

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Automatic remote controlled burner 80 cm

Automatic remote controlled burner 80 cm

Price: £2.165
Items number: BIO366

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 Automatic remote controlled burner 230 cm

Automatic remote controlled burner 230 cm

Price: £4.685
Items number: BIO367

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Burner in a slimeline model - 40 cm

Slimline burner - 40 cm.

Price: £175
Items number: BIO374

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The burner in a slimline model - 60 cm

Slimline burner - 60 cm

Price: £235
Items number: BIO375

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Burner in a slimline model - 80 cm

Slimline burner - 80 cm

Price: £295
Items number: BIO376

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Round burner 5 Liter

Round burner - 5 L

Price: £470
Items number: BIO377

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Square burner on 5 liter

Square burner - 5 L

Price: £470
Items number: BIO378

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Burner in a slim design - 100 cm

Slimline burner - 100 cm

Price: £350
Items number: BIO388

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Mid burner Icon fires

Icon Fires Mid Burner Steel

Price: £6.205
Items number: BIO-70-227

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Icon Fires Long Burner Steel

Icon Fires Long Burner Steel

Price: £6.205
Items number: BIO-70-228

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Automatic bioethanol burner 70 cm

Automatic Burner 700

Price: £1.990
Items number: BIO396

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Automatic firebox of 100 cm

Automatic burner 1000

Price: £2.340
Items number: BIO397

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2.0L automatic bioethanol burner using inventive technology for easy and safe usage. Perfect for DIY projects.

Automatic remote controlled burner 50 cm

Price: £1.405
Items number: BIO332

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4.0L automatic bioethanol burner using inventive technology for easy and safe usage. Perfect for DIY projects

Automatic remote controlled burner 66 cm

Price: £1.875
Items number: BIO333

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5.7L automatic bioethanol burner using inventive technology for easy and safe usage. Perfect for DIY projects

Automatic remote controlled burner 100 cm

Price: £2.340
Items number: BIO334

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12.4L automatic bioethanol burner using inventive technology for easy and safe usage. Perfect for DIY projects

Automatic remote controlled burner 122 cm

Price: £2.925
Items number: BIO335

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15.7L automatic bioethanol burner using inventive technology for easy and safe usage. Perfect for DIY projects

Automatic remote controlled burner 152 cm

Price: £3.510
Items number: BIO336

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19L automatic bioethanol burner using inventive technology for easy and safe usage. Perfect for DIY projects

Automatic remote controlled burner 182 cm

Price: £4.095
Items number: BIO337

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21L automatic bioethanol burner using inventive technology for easy and safe usage. Perfect for DIY projects

Automatic remote controlled burner 210 cm

Price: £4.330
Items number: BIO338

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Automatic burner with advanced security sensors. No ventilation required.

Planika's Fire Line Automatic 3

Price: £3.060
Items number: BIO-60-017

More information

Automatic burner with advanced security sensors. Various heat output

Planika Fire Line Automatic 3 XL

Price: £3.909
Items number: BIO-60-018

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Adjustable burner with Child Lock and control panel

Planika Bioethanol PrimeFire 700 Burner

Price: £2.025
Items number: BIO-60-020-700

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Price: £2.340
Items number: BIO-60-026

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Planika Prime Fire 990+

Prime Fire 990

Price: £3.595
Items number: BIO-60-020-990

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Adjustable burner with Child Lock and control panel

Planika PrimeFire 1000 Bioethanol Burner

Price: £3.045
Items number: BIO-60-020-1000

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Round stainless steel bioethanol burner with 1,0 litre capacity. Perfect for DIY bio fireplace builds.

Round 1,0 Litres Bioethanol Burner (Ø: 15 cm)

Price: £45
Items number: BIO343

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Round burner for bioethanol

Round bioethanol 1,0 Litre - Ø: 22 cm

Price 80 Now £66
Items number: BIO379

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Round stainless steel bioethanol burner with a capacity of 2,5. Perfect for DIY bio fireplace projects.

Round 2,5 Litres Bioethanol Burner (Ø: 19 cm)

Price 140 Now £118
Items number: BIO330

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Round 0,8 Litre bioethanol burner - Ø: 12,5 cm

Round 0,8 Litre bioethanol burner - Ø: 12,5 cm

Price: £40
Items number: BIO373

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Square ethanol burner 50 cm

Square automatic remote controlled burner 50 cm

Price: £2.925
Items number: BIO359

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Slimline 50 cm burner from Icon Fires

Icon Fires Slimline Burner - 50 cm

Price: £1.135
Items number: BIO-70-213

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Slimline 80 cm burner Icon Fires

Icon Fires Slimline Burner - 80 cm

Price: £1.475
Items number: BIO-70-214

More information

Slimline 110 cm burner Icon Fires

Icon Fires Slimline Burner - 110 cm

Price: £1.920
Items number: BIO-70-215

More information

Slimline 140 cm burner Icon Fires

Icon Fires Slimline Burner - 140 cm

Price: £2.455
Items number: BIO-70-216

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Xaralyn Ceramics Burner 4114B (40,9cm)

Xaralyn Ceramic Burner 4114B (40,9cm)

Price: £470
Items number: BIO-60-101

More information

4114BL Ceramic burner from Xaralyn (42,9 cm wide)

Xaralyn Ceramic Burner 4114LB (42,9 cm)

Price: £470
Items number: BIO-60-102

More information

Black ceramic burner from Xaralyn (57,6cm wide)

Xaralyn Ceramic Burner 5820B (57,6 cm)

Price: £585
Items number: BIO-60-103

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What Exactly is a Bioethanol Burner?

This burner is basically, to put it simply, the inside or the heart of every fireplace. This is where the fuel, the bioethanol, is filled in and where the fire is started. The great thing about an ethanol burner is that it is very versatile. For example, you can simply place it as it is or you can make a DIY project out of it and build something around the bio-burner.

Inside the burner, which is usually made of stainless steel or aluminum, there is a small tank. This is where the ethanol is filled in. Depending on the size of the tank and the burner, a corresponding amount of fuel will, of course, fit in. The interior is additionally stuffed with ceramic wool. The wool's advantage is that it absorbs the fuel immediately, making it easier to light. In addition, the ceramic sponge prevents the ethanol from leaking in case the combustion chamber or the fireplace should tip over. Of course, the wool cannot retain the entire contents of the tank, but still not as much will leak out as it would without the wool.

Above a certain size, the bio-burners also have a small stainless steel plate that slides over the opening. This is used both to extinguish the fireplace and to regulate the flame size. The stainless steel plate has two small hooks on the top, into which the extinguishing tool, a longer stainless steel rod, can be snapped. Once the rod is engaged, the stainless steel plate can easily be pushed over the opening of the ethanol stove.

When you want to extinguish the ethanol fireplace, you simply push the stainless steel plate completely over the opening with the help of the tool. In this way, the flame of the ethanol combustion chamber is extinguished and the flame goes out. If you only want to reduce the size of the flame a little, you can push the plate just a little bit over the opening. The oxygen supply to the flame is reduced and the flame becomes smaller. This extends the burning time of the fireplace, as less ethanol is used.

Lighting the fireplace burner should only be done with a long match or a stick lighter. You can also try it with short matches or with a normal lighter, but the danger of burning due to the fast ignition of ethanol cannot be excluded here. If you should use matches to light the fireplaces, please dispose of the matches properly. This means that the matches must not be left close to the fireplace. Leaving used matches in the fireplace will make it dirty and thus reduce its service life.

Your Very Individual Bio-Fireplace!

With a bioethanol burner, you can create your very own bio fireplace quickly and easily. No matter whether you live in the country or in the city; thanks to the soot- and smoke-free combustion of bioethanol, the burner can be used anywhere. Ethanol burners are often used to give new life to old, unusable fireplaces that no longer comply with any guidelines.

You will find many decorative pieces on our site, which will help you to give your fireplace a new life or to realize your own ideas. So you can create your own fireplace easily and uncomplicated with high-quality bioethanol burners.

The Perfect Fireplace in the Outdoor Area too

A bioethanol combustion chamber is very robust and resistant. This is not least due to the premium materials used in the construction of the products. Most combustion chambers are either made of stainless steel or aluminum. These are very well suited for outdoor use, as they can withstand wind and weather. Some of the fireplaces also have decorations or fronts made of glass, which give the fireplace an extra premium look.

You can either place the ethanol burner directly, just as it is, or you can build a nice ornament or base for it. Another possibility is also to build a raised base, for example under a covered terrace. Here, the stainless steel bio combustion chamber quickly becomes a wall fireplace that does not even need to be hung.

If you place the stainless steel ethanol burner as it is, it fits almost anywhere, is flexible and portable. So it can be placed on the terrace at lunchtime and create a great atmosphere. In the evening, the ethanol chamber can simply be taken into the garden, where it can extend the mild summer evening by a few more hours. It is important if the ethanol chamber is used and installed as it is, that it is dismantled properly. For this purpose, you can either pack it after each use in the dry, for example under a covered terrace or inside the house, or you can get a tarpaulin to cover the bio-chamber. If you choose the latter option, it is important that the tarpaulin is wind and water-resistant. You can usually find great and cheap offers for such tarpaulins on the Internet. When winter comes and the bioethanol combustion chamber is no longer needed, it must be stored permanently indoors until the next use.

Just as with indoor use, the ethanol burner can also be used outdoors for a DIY project. So you can also pull up a wall outside or cast a base that fits perfectly with the purchased burner insert. In this way, you can build your very own ethanol fireplace, where you can determine the dimensions and appearance yourself. The great thing is that you can decorate the ethanol burner very easily. This is not possible with an ethanol burner, which is as it is, is usually not placed, because the surface is not sufficient and the burner insert is often and much moved because it is often transported.

There is a lot of bio-fireplace decoration that can easily be used for a built fireplace or DIY project. LED lights or ceramic stones, for example, can be easily placed. Some customers have also reported that they have placed a table fire/table fire (gel fire) on a self-made mantelpiece. So you have twice the pleasure of accessories.

You can also find many of our DIY project ideas on our Facebook page. Here we also often have competitions or great offers. So it is worthwhile to have a look here!

General Advantages of a Bio-Burner

Some customers are scared because they think that an ethanol burner is not a real ethanol fireplace. But is it? Does a bio-burner offer fewer advantages compared to a conventional bio-fireplace? We will get to the bottom of this question for you.

Many of our customers live in places where there is no chimney. Here the perfect solution often seems to be obvious - an ethanol fireplace! But which bio fireplace should it be? This is often a difficult decision, where often a lot of information must be obtained before a purchase is made. However, many people often completely disregard stainless steel fireplace inserts in this decision, as they think that they require special installation or other details.

For an ethanol fireplace insert and for a combustion chamber the only thing you need is fuel. The great thing is that the bio-burner, just like all other ethanol fireplaces, uses ethanol as fuel and so there is no real difference to its big brother. So you don't have to worry about a chimney or extra fuel. The only thing you need to worry about is that there is enough fresh air, i.e. oxygen, in the room air. You can ensure this by always having a window open when the fireplace is on.

The window does not have to be completely open, just a small gap. Information about how exactly the room size and the fireplace size are related to the oxygen consumption can be found on our website, in our instructions section. Here we have put together some more instructions for you, in which we also explain other things that are important when dealing with an ethanol fireplace.

An ethanol bio-burner also has all the other advantages of a normal ethanol fireplace. Since an ethanol fireplace burner chamber, just like a normal fireplace, uses only high-quality ethanol to generate the flame, it is also smoke and soot-free. So you do not have to worry about your combustion chamber releasing toxic or air-contaminating particles or dirt. The only thing you need to worry about with an ethanol combustion chamber, but the same applies to any other of these fireplaces, is that it is safe and secure and cannot slip or tip over during operation.

Since an ethanol combustion chamber, just like most ethanol fireplaces, is also made of stainless steel or aluminum, you don't have to make a big effort to clean it. Since neither smoke nor soot is emitted from the fireplace, any dirt cannot settle on the combustion chamber. However, since a bioethanol combustion chamber can also gather dust, it should be wiped down with a damp cloth or rag from time to time. After you have done this, you can wipe again with a dry cloth to remove any streaks or streaks. Afterward your bio-fireplace will look like new again.

If you use your bio fireplace or fireplace outside, you may need to use some mild soap or a hand brush with light bristles as an extra step to the procedure just described. This can easily remove any coarse dirt from an ethanol fireplace that is frequently exposed to wind and weather.

So these ethanol inserts is much easier to install in your home than e.x a gas fire. If you have any questions about bioethanol fireplaces or other products, or if you would like more detailed information about a particular product, we will be happy to help you. We hope you enjoy browsing and discovering our products.

Turning Old into New!

Our absolute favorite DIY project is the installation of an ethanol decorative stove in an old wood fireplace. The prerequisite for such a project is, of course, that you have an old wood fireplace beforehand, which you would now like to convert. Before the project can start, you need to know the dimensions of the old fireplace and accordingly buy a bio fireplace that fits into the old recess.

It may be necessary to remove the old wood fireplace if this has not already been done. Some people also build their bio fireplace products directly into the old wood fireplace. Both are a super nice idea as we think, leaving plenty of space and room for fun and creativity. Depending on the size of the existing recess, it can also be the size of the fireplace. So there are certainly customers who have built a large Premium XXL fireplace from your old fireplace or mantelpiece. As with most DIY projects, it is only the imagination that sets the limits of the possible.

If you perhaps have a project that you would like to put into practice or if you are missing some useful ideas, we are here for you and will help as much as possible. Our experienced team often knows about the possibilities and can therefore in most cases give you good advice when it comes to implementing and planning a project for a fireplace.

The Ethanol Burner is the Perfect DIY Project

As already mentioned, the decorative burners can be used for a great DIY project in your home. The great thing is that here you can give free rein to your creativity, so only your imagination determines the limits of what is possible. Ethanol burners are very neutral in design and offer a high degree of safety so that you can concentrate on the essentials when planning - the appearance. In this small section, we will show you some great projects that our customers have built with our ethanol fireplaces.

A great project and affordable for most people is to build an ethanol fireplace into an existing wall or ledge. All that is needed is to take the measurements of the decorative stove and make a suitable recess. A few safety distances to other objects and materials must also be kept in mind. These can be found in the installation or assembly instructions for the respective fireplace. This one of our favorite decorative versions of our ethanol fireplaces, it looks really great! It is perfectly integrated into the living situation and adapts perfectly to any environment.

The next possibility for a noble design is to pull up or build a new wall. Here you can design and determine everything yourself from scratch. From the color of the wall to the material used. The only important thing is that the wall in which the decorative fire is to be integrated is fireproof. Not because the fire of the ethanol fireplaces could somehow flashover, but because the safety regulations of most bioethanol burners require it.

The great thing whit these ethanol burners rather than a gas fireplace or an electric fireplace, is that they only needs the fuel or maybe electricity if is automatic controlled. The gas fires needs a ventilation and should be installed by an authorized. If you need some more information of how to do a fireplace yourself at your home, then just contact us – we will love to help you.

Bio Burner - Manual & Automatic

As mentioned at the beginning, ethanol burners are often divided into two categories. So also on our homepage. Here we have divided the bio fireplaces into automatic and manual. What exactly this means and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the respective ethanol burners, we will explain here.

Manual Bio-Burners

Manual fireplaces are fireplaces or ethanol burners in which the entire maintenance, including lighting and extinguishing, must be carried out manually. This means that the fireplace itself must be lit and also filled with bioethanol. For extinguishing, you also have to put off the fire by yourself, extinguish the fireplace with the corresponding extinguishing tool. The big advantage of this burner variant is the price. In the Webshop the prices of the manually operated ethanol burners are between 79.00 £ and 849.00 £. How much an automatic ethanol combustion chamber costs, we clarify later.

Automatic Bio-Burners

The other category, the automatic ethanol burners, are a little different from the manual version. In terms of design, the two fireplace variants are very similar. The most popular colors for both manual and automatic burners are black, silver and grey. The shape and material used are also the same. For example, the automatic ethanol burner is also elongated and made of either stainless steel or aluminum. The inside of the fireplace is also equipped with a ceramic sponge so that the ethanol can be better absorbed and ignited. But now we come to the real differences.

The main difference of an automatic biofireplace is that it can be switched on and off automatically. The fire from the ethanol fireplace can, therefore, be lit and extinguished at the touch of a button. This is done by a spark inside the burner, which immediately ignites the bio-fuel.

On the latest models, the button for this is pressed on a remote control supplied from us. This means that you do not have to get up to start the fireplace. The remote control can also be used to control the flame size. To do this, a small metal plate is moved over the opening; just as with the manual ethanol chamber. In older models (the automatic ethanol fireplace variant has only been around for a few years), the button for switching the fire on and off is usually located on the appliance itself.

High-tech Ethanol Fireplaces!

Another advantage of the automatic ethanol fireplaces is that they have a variety of sensors that considerably increase the safety of the ethanol burners. One of these sensors is a thermometer. The digital sensor measures the temperature inside the chamber and switches off the ethanol fireplace if the maximum temperature is exceeded. Normally this does not happen when using the right bioethanol.

Another sensor that does not exist in manual ethanol combustion chambers is the tilt sensor. The correct name of the sensor is a gyroscope. The sensor measures the tilt in different directions. If the ethanol fireplace is tilted too much in a certain direction, the fireplace will automatically extinguish itself and the opening will be closed as fast as possible. This has the advantage that there is no further danger of fire if it falls over because the fire has been extinguished and no bioethanol can leak out.

Another advantage is the presence of a tank. Depending on the size of the ethanol fireplace, a certain number of liters fit in here. Of course, the larger the the more liters can fit in. The practical thing about this is that, especially with large bio-fireplaces, up to ten liters or more can be filled into the tank and therefore only very rarely need to be refilled. The effort of manual filling is thus reduced to a minimum and the use of a ethanol pump is completely unnecessary.

Just as with the manual ethanol fireplace, our automatic fireplaces are also certified by TÜV. At TÜV, the ethanol fireplace and the material is put to a hard test. Only when all tests have been passed and all regulations have been fulfilled does an article receive TÜV certification. So you can be sure that there is no danger from the bio-fireplaces.

Now you are probably asking yourself where the disadvantage is with all this technology and the great design. Well, we'll tell you. The very clear disadvantage compared to a manual ethanol combustion chamber is the price. An automatic combustion chamber with a capacity of about 6 liters costs 2.899,00 £. In comparison, a manual combustion chamber with the same capacity costs only 449.00 £. For many people, the price may not play a major role, but in any case, one must be aware that an automatic fireplace chamber brings a significant surcharge.

Every item, whether manual or automatic, is shipped by us to the highest standard. The delivery is carried out by a renowned shipping company, which conscientiously takes care of our goods. The shipping of the delivery usually takes 3-5 working days. - We're here for you!

  • Built your own frame to the bioethanol burner
  • 2 variants of the burner: Manual and automatic
  • Simple installation
  • Can be mounted by yourself

We have some different types of fireplaces to the home for both gas, ethanol and some electric fires. So if you don’t want one of these, we have some other options for you. Just contact us for more information.

These burners can be used as inserts for built into a wall, where you make the frame around by yourself. On this way you can get the exactly design and look as you want. If you want an automatic burner you have to connect an electric supply.

We at have set ourselves the goal of providing our customers with the best possible buying experience. In order to be able to put this into practice, we put a lot of effort into being flexible and transparent. We achieve this, for example, by publishing our terms and conditions or our privacy policy publicly and at all times visible on our home page. Many of our competitors have hidden them a little bit or show them only at the first login.

Since we are proud of our high-quality premium products, we have had them certified by TÜV Rheinland. The certificates are also clearly marked in our shop and can be viewed at any time. For a product/article to receive a TÜV certificate, it must pass a series of endurance tests. Only then will the certificate be issued.

We are flexible. For this reason, you can reach us on weekdays through many channels. You can reach us by phone, email, and chat. Since we care about your concern, it usually only takes a few hours before we get back to you.

You can find our entire selection of fireplaces, whether table fireplace, wall fireplace or free-standing fireplace, at our, on eBay or on Amazon. It is worthwhile to visit our shops regularly, as we often have great and unique offers. We also have a Facebook page where we often launch great competitions or promotions!

We are glad that you have found your way to us. We hope you enjoy discovering, browsing and buying our products and we hope that there is something for you.