Bio Ethanol Fire Pits & Outdoor Fires

The outdoor fireplace is the perfect choice for everyone who does not want to miss the great feeling of a flickering fire, even in the warm summer months, thanks to an ethanol fireplace.

In principle, any normal indoor fireplace can also be used outdoors, but there are still a few things to consider here and there to ensure that such ethanol fireplaces survive the weather and being outside.

Your ethanol fireplace should always be well protected from wind and weather when not in use - tarpaulins are very suitable for this purpose. Browse through our large selection of freestanding bioethanol fireplaces here and extend your summer evenings.

Products - Outdoor Fire Pit

    Steel frame with glass for burner
    Steel frame with glass for burner

    Steel Frame With Glass for 45 cm Superior Burner

    Price: £119
    Items number: BIO316-STEEL

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    Steel frame with glass for burner
    Steel frame with glass for burner

    Steel Frame With Glass for 80 cm Superior Burner

    Price: £149
    Items number: BIO317-STEEL

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    Steel frame with glass for burner
    Steel frame with glass for burner

    Steel Frame With Glass for 100 cm Superior Burner

    Price: £179
    Items number: BIO322-STEEL

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    Steel frame with glass for 600 mm braender

    Steel Frame With Glass for 60 cm Superior Burner

    Price: £149
    Items number: BIO324-STEEL

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    60 cm outdoor bioethanol burner

    3,5 Litre Outdoor Superior Burner - W: 60 cm

    Price: £429
    Items number: BIO324-out

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    Round burner - ideal for DIY-projects

    Outdoor Round 2,5 Litre Bioethanol Burner - Ø: 19 cm

    Price: £219
    Items number: BIO330-OUT

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    5L Round Outdoor Bioethanol Burner - Ø: 30 cm
    5L Round Outdoor Bioethanol Burner - Ø: 30 cm

    5L Round Outdoor Bioethanol Burner - Ø: 30 cm

    Price: £399
    Items number: BIO331-OUT

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    Chantico glassfire Planika
    Chantico glassfire Planika

    Chantico glassfire - tabletop bio fireplace

    Price: £259
    Items number: BIO-60-067

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    Bioethanol torch in steel for outdoor use

    Torch with Ethanol Flame

    Price: £99
    Items number: BIO-20-312

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    Outdoor superior burner 2.5 L with steel edge

    2.5 Litre Outdoor Superior Burner - W: 45 cm

    Price: £369
    Items number: BIO316-OUT

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    Outdoor bioethanol burner

    4 Litre Outdoor Superior Burner - W: 80 cm

    Price: £619
    Items number: BIO317-OUT

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    Outdoor bio burner, 1 meter

    5 Litre Outdoor Superior Burner - W: 100 cm

    Price: £799
    Items number: BIO322-OUT

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    Totem bioethanol fireplace in circular design
    Totem bioethanol fireplace in circular design

    Planika totem in Open Design

    Price: £1,269
    Items number: BIO-60-011

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    Unique bioethanol fireplace
    Unique bioethanol fireplace

    Planika Jar with Concrete Base

    Price: £1,689
    Items number: BIO-60-012

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    Modern bioethanol insert made in stainless stee
    Modern bioethanol insert made in stainless stee

    Planika Rondo Commerce insert

    Price: £419
    Items number: BIO-60-015

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      Read more about outdoor bioethanol fires here

      The Outdoor Bioethanol Fire Pit for the Garden

      Let us first explain what an outdoor fireplace exactly is:

      • Bio fireplaces and gas fireplaces can be used outdoor
      • Outdoor bio fireplaces and gas fires are ventless
      • Outdoor bioethanol fireplaces only need bioethanol
      • Protect the outdoor fireplace with a cover
      • Creates a nice flame while burning

      We have a lot of different products, so you can chose the design you like the most.

      Most of our customers who want an bioethanol powered fireplace for outdoors imagine the perfect place for it in the garden. This is not surprising, as any garden can be enhanced with a high-quality ethanol fireplace. Whether in the middle of the garden, in front of the garden shed or anywhere else. There are no limits to your imagination.

      Most of our fireplaces are made of stainless steel. Nevertheless, it is important to be aware that wind and weather will not pass by an ethanol fireplace without leaving its mark. Dirt can easily get stuck and in general, the fireplace needs more care if it is placed outside.

      For this reason, we recommend covering it with a waterproof tarpaulin if you intend to leave the garden fireplace outside permanently. The tarpaulin prevents the appliance from getting dirty when it is not actively in use outdoors, and thus from being exposed to the weather. When purchasing the tarpaulin, you should ensure that it is suitable to be used outdoor and is water-repellent.

      If you want to be on the safe side, you can, of course, dismantle the tarpaulin during the cold months. This can be cumbersome, especially if the equipment is permanently installed. However, if you have the opportunity to dismantle the fireplace and store it in a dry place, we recommend this option, as the decorative oven is one hundred percent protected in this way.

      There is different styles of an outdoor fireplace, we both have our indoor freestanding fireplaces, as can be moved outside – but we also have some fire pits, which are made only for outdoor use. The fire pit also have a stunning design, as can fit into your garden at your home. All the fireplaces will create a nice flame while burning and are all ventless.

      The bio ethanol fireplaces and gas fires is the most optimally fireplaces to use outside since they don’t need any chimney or electric supply. The only thing you need for the outdoor bio fireplace is the fuel, bio ethanol. If you want some advice for how to handle the fireplace outside or just want some more information – then feel free to contact us!

      The Outdoor Bioethanol Fireplace for the Terrace

      Just as well as for the complex, a garden ethanol fireplace is also suitable for the veranda. Imagine a warm summer evening with friends on the veranda, where a slightly warming, atmospherically spreading ethanol fireplace is now also playing its fire game. Isn't that just wonderful? That's exactly what we think!

      Also for the terrace or veranda the the indoor bio ethanol fireplaces can be used, but just as using it in the garden, as on the veranda, the fireplace should be as water-protected as possible and should not be exposed to any weather. To guarantee this, there are several possibilities.

      This can be achieved, for example, with a roofed extension. The roof of the outdoor terrace not only protects the people who sit under it in the rain and bad weather, but also other equipment, such as an ethanol fireplace.

      Another possibility would be to cover the ethanol fireplace with a tarpaulin when it is no longer needed and no fire is burning in it. In this way, the fireplace is protected from wind, weather and other things. As with the covered porch, the fireplace does not get very dirty, which saves you the annoying chafing and cleaning.

      The last option is the complete dismantling. Here the fireplace is completely dismantled and stored in a dry place until it is needed again. The advantage of this method is that the chimney does not get wet or dirty. Cleaning is therefore unnecessary and the stove remains in good condition for longer.

      A disadvantage of this method is that in some cases complete dismantling is not possible, or only under very difficult conditions. This may be the case, for example, if the fireplace is cemented or screwed down tightly. Nevertheless, if you have the possibility of complete disassembly, this is clearly the safest method to protect the appliance from wind and weather.

      It should also be noted that the decorative stove is not to be regarded as the primary source of heat. Although the fire burns hot, it cannot be compared to a radiant heater or gas fireplace.

      Shop your ventless bio ethanol fireplace here and decorate your home with a unique burning flame! We are ready to help you, if you need any information or advice, so feel free to contact us!

      Just Imagine...

      Imagine yourself and your partner barbecuing and taking out the fireplace lighter and devoting yourself to the play of flames. You look into the fire and a cozy atmosphere spreads. Garden fireplaces are ideal for this and are just waiting for you to finally put the products in your shopping cart and purchase them. Do you have some questions before purchasing the fireplace or placing it into the cart, then feel free to contact us – we will happily help you.

      If you want to purchase one of the bio fireplaces you will also need the fuel, and this you can also add to your cart on our shop.

      There are some different variants for the fire pits, so make sure which fuel your fireplace uses. Some of the fire pits needs bio ethanol and some uses gas for burning. But it’s also possible to purchase gas bottles here, so there is no excuses for not enjoying the beautiful flame at your home no matter which type of fireplace it is.

      Take a look on all out products, and see what you like the most and what’s the best for you. If you need some advice, feel free to contact us.

      Premium Accessories for the Outdoor Fireplace

      Outdoor accessories can upgrade an ethanol fireplace many times over. In principle, as with ethanol fireplaces in general, accessories for indoor use can also be used outdoors.

      Ceramic Wood for your Garden fireplace

      So outdoor fireplaces can easily be upgraded with a few decorative items. Very popular with ethanol fireplaces are so-called ceramic woods. Ceramic wood is similar to wood in many ways but is made of ceramic. The grain, for example, is very similar to real forest wood. Most ceramic woods begin to glow red at high temperatures, which further enhances the authenticity effect. With these woods, you can create a real fireplace atmosphere in the garden, which is unlikely to be found a second time.

      Further decoration articles are for example shelves for storing woods. Although these are of no practical use for ethanol fireplaces, they look all the better when placed next to a decorative stove.

      Fragrances and Oils for Fieplaces for Outdoor Use in the Garden

      Ethanol fragrances are another decorative item for outdoor use. These are special waxes that you simply place on the radiator. When the wax melts, a pleasant scent quickly spreads. So that the melted wax does not run everywhere, you can simply place a fire bowl on the fireplace or on the fireplaces, in which the wax is then placed. The wax melts, but remains in the bowl and can be easily disposed of afterward.

      A big advantage of scented waxes is that they can be bought in many different ways. Thus the assortment ranges from very exotic scents, such as cinnamon or lavender, to classic scents such as vanilla. So you don't have to limit yourself to a few fragrances, but can simply let your imagination run wild.

      Another trend is the so-called scented oils. Just like the wax, these are put into a fire bowl and placed on the ethanol fireplace. The oil becomes hot and spreads a pleasant scent. Just like the wax, the oils come in many different scents. A disadvantage of outdoor use of scents is, of course, that they can easily and quickly evaporate.

      Since these scents are designed for indoor use, they may fly away quickly and not be able to be smelled when used outdoors. However, this can vary depending on the position of the wind and the location of the ethanol fireplace.

      The fragrances and oils can be used in every type of outdoor bio fireplace, also a fire pit. The only thing you have to make sure before using the fragrances is that it’s a bioethanol fireplace you have, since the fragrances should be added to the fuel, ethanol. Enjoy the flame while the fragrance will spread a nice aroma.

      How to Clean your Outdoor Bioethanol Fireplace

      Sometimes it cannot be completely avoided to protect the ethanol fireplace from the weather outside. So it may be necessary to clean the ethanol fireplace from time to time.

      When used indoors, the soiling is usually kept within limits, so that wiping with a dry dust cloth is usually sufficient to remove any soiling.

      With an outdoor ethanol fireplace, the soiling can sometimes be a little more persistent. In this case, it is advisable to use a damp cloth or cloth and possibly a mild soap. With this combination, you should be able to remove the coarsest dirt easily, so that the ethanol fireplace quickly appears in new splendor and is ready for the next use.

      General Information for Using the Fireplace Outdoors

      We have some several fireplaces on our shop, electric fires, gas fires, bioethanol fire and more. The most ideally fireplaces for outdoor use will be gas fireplaces and bio ethanol fireplaces, since they don’t need any chimney and can be moved wherever you want. Some of the gas fireplaces is maybe a little bit more difficult to move, since there is some bigger fireplaces as a fire pit. So you can find the fireplace you want – if it should be a fire pit or not.

      As already mentioned on this page, indoor ethanol fireplaces can also be easily used outdoors. Since ethanol fires is ventless and only needs the fuel, bio ethanol. Therefore it’s easy to take the fireplace outdoor for one evening.

      There is not too much to consider, except that they should be protected from wind and weather if possible. If dirt gets to the fireplace, mild soap and a damp cloth are usually sufficient to remove the coarsest dirt.

      The 2020 trends tend strongly towards black material such as stainless steel. Black is so popular because it is easy to clean and very neutral. Black, therefore, adapts to almost every living situation and is very easy to clean.

      Another trend is the so-called pillar of fire. As the name suggests, the fire column is column-shaped and therefore very robust and attractive. The column as a trend can also be observed in 2020 in gas stoves and barbecues.

      If you need more information about current trends or design or simply have a question or need a few small tips, then we at are of course happy to help you with advice and support; a service that is a matter of course for us. Our highly competent team, consisting of professionals with years of experience in the field of ethanol fireplaces, will do everything to help you in the best possible way. So feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

      We are looking forward to meeting you and wish you a lot of fun while browsing!