Ethanol wood stove in white

White ethanol stove with flat back

Item number: BIO-20-299 WH

White bioethanol stove in a traditional wood stove design. This one does not require any chimney or extractor. Up to 6 burning hours pr. filling

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White freestanding bioethanol fireplace in a traditional wood stove design

Here you get a nice freestanding bioethanol fireplace in a traditional wood burning stove look. As with all the other bioethanol fireplaces, this one requires no chimney or extractor.

The only thing you have to do, is to mount the handle on the door. After that, the fireplace is ready for use and can be placed all most everywhere. As long as a reasonable distance is observed for combustible materials, such as curtains. 

The freestanding bioethanol fireplace has a flat back and can therefore be placed close to the wall. If it is a flammable wall, you should have a safety distance on 5-10 cm between the wall and fireplace. If it's a fireproof wall, the fireplace can be placed very close to. 

In the package, you get

  • Freestanding white bioethanol fireplace
  • 1,5 liter burner
  • Flame-adjustment- and extinguishing tools

Key functions

  • Traditional wood burning stove look
  • Fast and easy installation without chimney
  • Requires no power
  • Is easy removable