What is a Built-in Bioethanol Fire?

A built in bioethanol fire is, as the name suggests, a bioethanol fire intended to be installed in a wall. When it comes to a built-in fireplace, there are a number of different solutions to choose from. What you choose depends on your wishes, your budget and the kind of bioethanol burner you want. This guide will give you information on the different installation options, to help you find just the solution that best fits your wishes and needs.

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Bioethanol Fireplace with a Built-in Frame

A built-in bioethanol fireplace with a frame is the easiest and most used option.There is a large range of different models and designs, and in most cases you will be able to find a standard solution that fits.

A bioethanol fire with a built-in frame consists of a frame that surrounds the burner and the entire hearth. Depending on the type of built-in fireplace you are looking for, the design will vary. There are a lot of options, in term of how and where you wish to install the fireplace - you can do a 1-sided built-in fire, a see-through bio fire, a three-sided or roomdivider bioethanol fireplace, a corner biofire or a four-sided bioethanol fire.

A burner is included with all of our built-in bio ethanol fires with a frame. Depending on the model and size of fireplace you choose, the type and size of burner varies, and for many of our built-in bio fireplaces, it is possible to choose a manual or an automatic burner. Read more about the differences of a manual and an automatic bioethanol burner here.

We have a large range of bio ethanol fires for building into a wall, in many different sizes - however, if we do not have a standard size to the dimensions that you are looking for, we are able to customise a fireplace to your exact needs. In particular, our range of Foco built-in bioethanol fireplaces can be customised to virtually all imaginable shapes and sizes.

bio firesplace in a built-in frame

Bioethanol Burner

The bioethanol burner is the heart of any bio ethanol fireplace, as it is from here that the bioethanol fuel burns. The size and capacity of the firebox can vary, and here at Bioethanol-fireplace.co.uk we have i.a. burners from 1 litre and up to 20 litres in capacity. Therefore, there is ample opportunity to find a burner that suits exactly your needs.

If you choose to build you own bioethanol fire with a bioethanol burner, you have to take care of everything but the burner itself. At the same time, it means that you can entirely design your own biofuel fireplace, and thus decide the size and materials yourself. However, be aware that these must be non-flammable and heatproof materials.

A bioethanol burner is, therefore, often the most comprehensive solution and the solution that requires the most work, if you want to build an ethanol fireplace into the wall. But it is also the most flexible solution.

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Manual bioethanol burner