What is a build-in biofireplace

What is a build-in biofireplace?

A build-in biofireplace is a biofireplace that is intended to be installed into a wall. This also means that there are a lot of different models, shapes, sizes and colours in order to fulfill your wishes for a biofireplace depending on your needs, budget and type of biofireplace you want. In this article we describe the different methods that exist within build-in biofireplaces and perhaps you find the solution that fits your exact needs.

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Bioethanol burners

The burners are the heart of every biofireplace and it is also where the bioethanol combusts. The size and capacity of the burner can vary but at bioethanol-fireplace.co.uk we have burning chambers spanning from 1L to 20L. The wide selection of burners therefore hopefully helps you in finding the burner that suits your exact needs. 

If you only use a burner as your build-in biofireplace you are responsible for building the rest of your biofireplace besides the burner. However, this also means that you are able to design and shape your own biofireplace and are furthermore in charge of the size and the materials used. You should, however, still ensure that the materials used to build your own biofireplace are non-flammable. 

A bioethanol burner is therefore (often) the most extensive solution and the solution that requires the most effort if you wish to install a build-in biofireplace into your wall, while at the same time being the most flexible solution. 

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Manual bioethanol burner
Automatic bioethanol burner with a remote control

Biofireplace with a build-in frame

This is the interim solution if you want to have a build-in biofireplace. Here you get both the bioethanol burner and the build-in frame which are build into the wall, beacuse you do not need to build your own biofireplace. However, by choosing this solution you do not have great influence on the design and sizes, besides choosing which model you want, as the size and design are prefixed. 

By choosing this type of build-in biofireplace you still have the opportunity to have a through-going biofireplace, meaning having a biofireplace which you can see on both sides of a wall. An example of this could be a biofireplace installed in a wall which you can both see from the kitchen and the living room. 

When buying a biofireplace with a build-in frame, the only thing you have to ensure is having a hole in the wall in a size which the build-in biofireplace can fit. 

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Biofireplace with a build-in frame
Through-going biofireplace with build-in frame

Wall-mounted biofireplace with a backbox

The easiest solution if you want a build-in biofireplace is a wall-mounted biofireplace. If you are buying a wall-mounted biofireplace with a "backbox", you have the opportunity to build it into the wall. (see the pictures to the right)

However, by choosing this solution you do not have the opportunity to have a through-going biofireplace, but instead you have a wide selection of different designs and sizes to choose from. This is also, in most cases, the cheapest solution for buying a build-in biofireplace. 

Be aware that it is not every wall-mounted biofireplace that is suited to be a build-in biofireplace. Are you in doubt about which of our wall-mounted biofireplaces that are suited to be build in the wall, please contact us. 

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CUBO biofireplace with a backbox for build-in
Wall-mounted biofireplace with a backbox for build in