What is a Bioethanol Fireplace?

A bioethanol fireplace is a fireplace that is driven by bio ethanol fuel. Bio ethanol fuel is a liquid fuel that can be ignited to create beautiful flames - the same as a conventional fireplace.

The fireplace itself, typically, consists of a steel casing in various colours and designs, and a burner in different sizes, depending on the casing. It is the burn chamber itself, also called the burner, that creates the flames, while the outer frame is produced from a specific design - like a piece of furniture.

Of course, it is essential to ensure that correct fireproof materials are used. Wall mounted bio fireplaces, for example, are specially made with an insulated backplate, that ensures they can be hung on virtually any wall, without damaging the wall.

Our ethanol fireplaces are typically delivered pre-assembled, so that the burner simply needs to be inserted into the frame. This makes the installation of bio ethanol fires very easy. You can read more about how to install a wall hung bio fire in our guide: Wall-hung fireplace installation.

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Filling bioethnol on a burner

How long can a bioethanol fire burn?

The burn time of a bioethanol fireplace depends on several factors. It depends on the size of the burner, which determines how long a bio fireplace can burn. In addition, the strength of the flame, i.e. the size of the flame, has an impact on the burning time. The smaller the flame, the less bio ethanol fuel the fire consumes, and thus the longer the burn time.

As a rule of thumb, we say that 1 litre of bioethanol fuel can burn for 2 to 4 hours - subject to the above mentioned, of course.

The quality of the bioethanol used is also an important factor in the time the burner runs for. At Bioethanol-fireplace.co.uk, we always purchase high quality bio ethanol fuel, which ensures that the burn time is as optimal as possible. You can find our high-quality bioethanol here.

We offer burn chambers in many different sizes, in fact everything from 0.3 litres of capacity all the way up to 22.5 litres. So the time our bioethanol stoves can burn on one filling of bio ethanol fuel varies a lot.

We have, therefore, made sure that under the specifications of each bioethanol fire, you can find information on how long each bio fireplace can burn on one filling.

how long can a bio fire burn?

Is it Safe to use a Bio Ethanol Fireplace?

It is perfectly safe to use a bio ethanol fireplace, as long as you use your common sense. In principle, there are no safety measures that you need to take into account when using a bio fuel fireplace. Nevertheless, all our bio ethanol fires are safety certified through the TÜV requirements for fireplaces burning flammable liquids.

We recommend that you use a bioethanol fire the same as you would other fireplaces or fire pits where you are dealing with fire.

Always make sure that your burner, and the frame around it, are made of non-combustible materials. Many mistakenly choose to use MDF when building their bio fireplace into the wall. However, this material is not recommended for built-in fireplaces, and you thus need frieproof materials. 

If you are renting out your bio fireplace, we recommend that you include safety instructions, so that users are well informed and accidents are avoided as much as possible.

safety and bio fires

Learn More about Bioethanol Fires

This was a quick introduction to bioethanol fires, what a bioethanol fire is, how long it can burn for, as well as how safe it is to use a bio fireplace. If you have more questions or you are curious about bio ethanol fires, check out our many guides.

We have collected all the knowledge, that we have gathered through our many years of selling bio ethanol fires, here at Bioethanol-fireplace.co.uk.

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