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Prepare delicious food in your garden with a grill from Vulcanus. With this grill you will get more than just a heat source, you'll also get a very beautiful and functional design that looks great in your garden or on the patio. Furthermore, the grill helps creating a cosy atmosphere surrounding you and your guests. All of the grills from Vulcanus are developed using a identical technology - the only difference is the construction of the base.

Vulcanus grills are constructed in a special kind of steel called COR-TEN. This is a high-quality steel that has a ruby-coloured patina, this means that the grill is not only resistant for every kind of weather, it is also extremely pretty!

the outdoor garden-grill from Vulcanus has several advantages that make cooking a breeze. the grill has two heat zones which basically means that you can prepare to different kind of food at the same time. A Vulcanus grill are also healthy and smoke free, and the unique fat-drainage system makes healthy grilling a reality. Furthermore, you will get a grill with an outstanding thermal stability that makes it possible to use the grill all year round. Finally, there is in the grill implemented a ready-made container for the aches, the only thing you have to to is to sweep the ashes into to the container, and the grill appear neat again.

You can for your Vulcanus grill purchase extra equipment, so that it will be possible for you to cook all kinds of food that you can impress your guests with.



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Vulcanus' Vision

The designer behind Vulcanus, Ondřej Kovář, has said that meeting around an outdoor grill with family or friends is one of life’s greatest pleasures. That is also his motivation and the reason why he came up with the concept behind Vulcanus. Vulcanus was developed through good forging skills and a great love for food.

Vulcanus should be seen as your own outdoor kitchen, and it should symbolize good company, experiences and memories that, like the grill, will never fade.


Ondřej Kovář puts great emphasis in his production of Vulcanus' products, from his knowledge and experience to  his feelings and memories, so that you get an outdoor grill that offers good memories to you too!

Named after the Roman God of Fire

The brand is named by the Latin name for the Roman god of fire and protector of every smiths - Vulcanus or Vulcan as he is called today.

According to the myths Vulcanus had his forge in the heart of an active volcano. He was a smith that created jewellery and weapons for the other gods. Vulcanus biggest inspiration was his wife, the goddess of beauty - Venus. From this inspiration the most finest products was created, and beauty, passion and sensuality were clearly in focus.

Vulcanus flamegrill has multiple similarities to the symbolism of the Roman good Vulcan:

  • Fire – the source of heat and a convivial atmosphere.
  • Honest forging skills, functionality, long life and the beauty of the grill.
  • Ondřej Kovář himself, who is a gifted fine-art smith and superb cook.

Your Outdoor Kitchen

Impress you guests with food prepared and cooked using a Vulcanus grill. With this grill you'll be able to cook every kind of food, from juicy meat and vegetables to wok and other stews. Best of all, you'll be able to gathered around the flame grill and enjoy each other company while cooking.

Cleaning the grill after cooking, isn't a problem either, as it has a container for ashes implemented. Just sweep into the ready-made container and the grill looks as good as new.

For most people the grill equipment is limited for the spring and summer seasons, but with you outdoor-kitchen grill from Vulcanus you can cook all year round as it is resistant for every kind of weather. This means that you do not have to pack up the grill when the season ends, you can enjoy the view and the beautiful design all year round. And even better, you can also use the grill for cooking all year round as often as you like!

Enjoy the cosy environment and atmosphere that surrounds the grill. Eat delicious food and create amazing memories the the people you love the most.

Beautiful Design and High Quality

At Vulcanus the design, functionality and quality is very important, and a grill from their brand contains all of these qualities.

it is also important that the grill is not only seen as at heat source for cooking, it is supposed to be an important design element that contributes to a nice and cosy atmosphere.

It is important to emphasize that a fireplace-grill from Vulcanus is only manufactured by using the finest high-quality materials, which has resulted in a maintenance free grill that can stay outdoor in every kind of weather. As an extra plus, you can use the grill to prepare food for no less than 50 people in less than an hour!

As earlier stated the part that you grill on is identical on Vulcanus range of products, the difference is the construction of the base. You can choose a a smaller grill for home use or a bigger and professional grill equipped with a cutting log intended for bigger use.


As stated earlier the core-material use for the production of the Vulcanus grills are constructed by the high-quality steel: Cor-ten. This kind of steel has a ruby-coloured patina that gives the grill its unique expression.

COR-TEN is normally used for shipbuilding because of its resistance to wet and salt water environments. This also means that you don't have to worry about the weather, if it is raining, snowing or the frost as the grill easily can withstand it without the design, functionality and quality is affected.

You'll get an outdoor grill that appears naturally, environmental friendly, and which always will look beautiful and fine in your garden or at you terrace. The grill has four huge advantages:


  • Unique patinated appearance.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Resistant to all environmental impacts.
  • 100% eco-friendly.