Black, vertical fireplace that can either be wall mounted or used as a tabletop.

Vertical bioethanol fireplace in black

Item number: BIO-10-037

Small wall mounted biofireplace in black. Looks amazing in pairs of two. Size: H: 40 x W: 24 x D: 21 cm




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Black wall mounted biofireplace with 0,3 L burner

This small, uniquely designed bio fireplace is ideal, if you want all the benefits of a bioethanol fireplace, but lack the space to have a large wall mounted fireplace. Instead of taking up unnecessary space in width, this fireplace is designed to use space vertically, which makes it look unique compared to the traditional bioethanol fireplaces.

Don’t be scared of this bio fireplace small size. Even though the burner has just room for 0,3 liters of bioethanol, it can still burn with a nice big flame for a little more than 1 hour.

  • Mounting brackets included
  • Safety glass included
  • 0,3 L burner included
  • Extinguishing tool 
  • No electricity required 
  • Easy and quick to install

This wall-mounted biofireplace is also available in white, find it here.

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