Two sided, transparent bioethanol fireplace for wall integration. Large size make it perfect for a bigger rooms.

Two Sided Built-in Bio fireplace 96,5 cm wide

Item number: BIO-30-001

Two sided built in bioethanol fireplace. Equipped with a 2,5 L burner that give an expected burn time of up to 7,5 hours.


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See through bio fireplace 96,5 cm

This large bio fireplace is designed of stainless steel and it provides you with the beautiful flames from two sides of the wall. The bio fireplace is made of durable materials and will therefore be there for you for many years. The fireplace will in its beautiful and trendy look contribute to a cosy atmosphere and warmth in the modern home. 

  • 2 pcs of safety glass 
  • Built in frame 
  • 2,5 L burner included 
  • Screws for mounting 
  • Extinguishing tool included
  • Up to 7,5 burning hours 
  • Recommended room size min 35 sqm
  • Electricity not required

Read more about the included burner

It is also possible to add some of our bio decorations to make your bio fire unique and cosy. 

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