Double sided built-in bioethanol fireplace


See-through bioethanol fireplace insert

A built-in bioethanol fireplace with two open sides, makes it possbile to see the fire from two sides of the fireplace. This makes this ethanol fireplace insert perfect to build into a wall, where you wish to see the fireplace from both sides of the wall.

Like all other bioethanol fireplace, our two-sided bioethanol inserts don't need any chimney. You therefor don't need to worry about getting any ventilation installed with the fireplace.

If you choose a built-in fireplace with an automatic burner, it needs to be connected to a power outlet to function. Therefore be aware of this, when planning your double-sided bioethanol fireplace project.

Products - See-through Fires

Type of burner
Size width
Black, wall integrated bioethanol fireplace in stainless steel with two glass window panels.

Slim black built-in bioethanol fire (W: 90 cm) Item number: BIO-30-005

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Price 999,00 Now £ 849,00

Black wall integrated bioethanol fireplace in stainless steel with glass plates on both sides.

Slim black built-in bioethanol fire (W: 120 cm) Item number: BIO-30-006

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Price 1.249,00 Now £ 999,00

120 cm bio insert in slim design

Built in biofireplace with a long-burner - slim design Item number: BIO-30-020

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Price 1.299,00 Now £ 1.199,00

Bio insert in black colour 100 cm

Automatic see-through bioethanol fire - 100 cm Item number: BIO-30-021

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Price £ 2.199,00

See-through bioethanol insert 150 cm

Automatic see-through bioethanol fire - 150 cm Item number: BIO-30-022

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Price £ 3.499,00

Slim line bioethanol fireplace  in black with glass window panels making it transparent. For wall integration.

Built in fireplace black 60 cm Item number: BIO-30-009

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Price 799,00 Now £ 699,00

Tunnel bio fireplace to build into a narrow wall

100 cm. See through bio fireplace installation Item number: BIO-30-011

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Price £ 899,00

Tunnel bio fire to be built into a narrow wall.

140 cm. Black see through installation Item number: BIO-30-012

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Price £ 1.299,00

Two sided, transparent bioethanol fireplace for wall integration. Large size make it perfect for a bigger rooms.

Two Sided Built-in Bio fireplace 96,5 cm wide Item number: BIO-30-001

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Price 799,00 Now £ 749,00

Two sided bioethanol fireplace with glass window panels to be inserted in wall. Equipped with 4L burner.

Two Sided Built in Bio Fireplace 135 cm wide Item number: BIO-30-003

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Price 1.099,00 Now £ 949,00

Ebios' open bio fireplace FD Review

FD Review Built-In Ebios Fire Item number: BIO-90-115

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Price £ 3.199,00