Three-sided free standing bio ethanol fireplace with a 4 L burner providing a long burn time.

Three-sided standing bioethanol fireplace

Item number: BIO-20-255

Large free standing bio fireplace in white. Comes with a 4 L adjustable burner. Fireplace size: H: 90 x W: 140 x D: 30 cm

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Freestanding fireplace with three glass tiles

A bioethanol fire with an opening on three sides which can be easily fitted next to the wall, useful as a focal point in different rooms. The special design of this elegant bioethanol fire makes the flame experienceable from three sides, this is why it can easily be used as a dividing element in your room.

  • 3 pcs of safety glass 
  • 4 L burner included 
  • Up to 6,5 burning hours 
  • Exinguishing tool included 
  • Electricity not required 

This model is also available in a smaller version as well as in a taller version

You can also add some of our bio decorations that will make your bio fireplace look cosier and unique.