Three-Sided Electric Fireplaces to be Built-in

With a 3-sided electric fireplace for built-in projects, you can enjoy the realistic flames created by LED-lights. At the same time as you get a nice and cozy wall that serves as a gathering point, you do not lose any floor space. 

A three-sided electric fireplace for built-in only needs electricity, since the flames is created by LED lights. Therefore the LED fireplace, do not need a chimney or another exhaust and is totally environmentally friendly. 

Three sided built-in electric fireplace

Products - 3-sided Electric Fireplaces

Isle three-sided electric fireplace

Tarif code: 85162990 - Weight: 23 kg - Origin: Poland

Isle three-sided electric fireplace

Price: £1.259,00
Items number: ELP-80-101

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e1030ds3 electric fireplace

Tarif code: 85162990 - Weight: 31 kg - Origin: United Kingdom

Three-sided electric fireplace e1030ds3

Price: £3.999,00
Items number: ELP-80-211

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