Three-sided bioethanol fireplace


Room divider - Three sided bio fire

There are two types of three-side open bioethanol fireplaces. In the first variant, the two long sides and one of the short sides are open. This model is very often used as a room divider. In the other variant, one of the long sides and the two short sides are open. This type of fireplace is often built into walls that protrude slightly from the original wall.

As with all other ethanol fireplaces, you do not need a chimney or flue when you have an ethanol fireplace that is open on three sides. This means that the possibilities for fireplaces open on three sides extend almost infinitely. The only thing that could limit the range of possibilities would be to choose an automatic burner. With this variant, you have to take into account that a power source is needed for commissioning.This is not necessary if a manual burner is installed.

If you do not find a design and size that fits your needs among the many standard models, you also have the option of purchasing only one burner. In this way, you can decide for yourself how to design the perimeter of your bioethanol fireplace that is open on three sides. If you lack ideas or the necessary time for such a project, you also have the possibility to contact us and ask for possible tailor-made solutions.

Products - Three sided Fires

Type of burner
Three sided bio fire to mount it in the wall 90 cm

Open, three-sided bio fireplace for mounting - 90 cm Item number: BIO-30-018

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Price £ 699,00

3-sided chimney build-in bio fireplace

3-sided chimney build-in bio fireplace Item number: BIO-30-023

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Price £ 799,00

U 3-sided bioethanol fire from Ebios

U 3-sided Built-In Ebios Fire Item number: BIO-90-118

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Price £ 2.775,00

C 3-Sided Ebios bio fireplace

C 3-sided Built-In Ebios Fire Item number: BIO-90-119

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Price £ 2.775,00

The built-in bioethanol fireplace

With us, you will find a large selection of bioethanol built-in fireplaces. No matter whether you want to realize your very own plan or whether you prefer to be inspired by our selection of prefabricated built-in fireplaces, we have something for everyone. The simplest solution to get a bioethanol built-in fireplace into your home is to buy a prefabricated built-in fireplace. The advantage of a prefabricated built-in fireplace is that the frame, burner,  and all the necessary parts are already assembled, so you only have to do the same installation. Although the effort is much less; if you decide to buy a prefabricated built-in fireplace, we recommend in most cases to have the installation done by a craftsman. Our range of prefabricated built-in fireplaces is neither changeable nor adjustable in its dimensions (height, width, depth).

The burner becomes a built-in fireplace

In addition to the built-in fireplace as a prefabricated model, you also have the possibility with our bioethanol burners to easily build your very own, individual bio-fireplace. The heart of your do-it-yourself bio fireplace is the bioethanol burner. This is the only component we supply for your built-in bio fireplace. This means that no decision is taken away from you and you can design and realize your fireplace according to your wishes down to the smallest detail. The assembly and installation of the burner are simple and in the broadest sense require nothing more than a suitable recess. The rest is entirely up to you.

The see-through room divider

In our assortment, you will also find a selection of elongated burners, which are perfectly suited for installation in partition walls and thus easily become a continuous bio fireplace. This technique combines style and simplicity, design and utility. Although the fireplace separates the room, it allows a view from both the front and the back. Thus, for example, the kitchen and living room can be separated perfectly from each other. Unfortunately, this type of installation is not possible in every house or apartment. Therefore, we will be happy to advise you if you are thinking of upgrading your home in this unique way.