Bio ethanol fireplace in the design of a wood burner with a burning time of up to 6 hours

Steel bio fire in a wood burner design

Item number: BIO-20-262

Bioethanol wood burner style fireplace with a diameter of 44 cm and a height of 80 cm.

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Black, freestanding bioethanol burner in a stove design

Unique bioethanol fireplace with a chimney, inspired by the old-fashioned wood-burning stove. This fireplace will create a good balance with the modern surroundings. The black, refined and breathtaking bio fire with a clever detail that gives it a contemporary look with its triangular opening. The fireplace itself can be used outside as well as inside, so the pleasure is all year round. 

  • 1,5 L burner included
  • Extinguishing tools included 
  • No electricity required 
  • Easy and fast to assemble

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