Beautiful, white, upright fireplace in white. 5 liters burner. Dimensions: 35 x 130 x 35 cm.

Standing White Bioethanol Fireplace

Item number: BIO-20-214

Large bio fireplace with a stylish white appearance. Perfect for large living rooms, hall or entrances.

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Beautiful standing fireplace with glass plates

Really big and beautiful bio fireplace in white. The fireplace can be placed by itself in the middle of a room and does not need any extra accessories to become an integrated part of your decor. This bio fireplace is for everyone who wants something out of the ordinary. This fireplace will take the breath away from even the biggest skeptic and still adds a cosy atmosphere to your home!

This bio fireplace is open, with direct access to the flames and therefore shouldn’t be placed or lit somewhere where curios children or animals can get access to it. This bio fireplace is often seen in large entrances at companies or in big living rooms, where the special fireplace atmosphere is desired. 

  • 2 pcs of safety glass included 
  • 5 L burner included
  • Extinguishing tool included 
  • No electricity required 
  • Easy and quick to install 

You can also add some of our bio decoraitions to your bio fireplace to make it cosier and unique.