Standing bio fireplace in steel and glass featuring a 1,5 L burner that provides 3h of burning.

Stainless steel bio-fireplace

Item number: BIO-20-201

Unique and raw looking bio ethanol fireplace made of steel and glass. Size H: 136 x W: 45 x D: 12 cm. Up to 3 hours burn time.

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Steel, free standing fireplace in a raw look with 1,5 L burner

Unique and raw looking biofireplace made of steel and glass. This rather uniquely looking bio fireplace distance itself from other ordinary designed fireplaces by being tall and slim. We often see this fireplace being sold to companies and restaurants where it is used to welcome visitors in the entrance but it can just as easily be used as an interesting décor accessory for private homes.

This fireplace comes with a 1,5 liter burner, which gives up to 3 hours of burning time per filling.

  • 2 pieces of glass included
  • 1,2 L burner included
  • Extinguishing tool included
  • Electricity not required 
  • Easy and quick to install