Front curved, free standing fireplace in steel and black offering 6 hours of burning.

Stainless steel and black floor fireplace

Item number: BIO-20-268

A bio-ethanol fireplace that consists of a black and stainless steel base, and sides from glass.

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Beautiful, open fireplace with rounded corners 

Simple and timeless bioethanol fireplace that is free-standing one with glass on both sides. It is elegant and contemporary. The sides merely shield the surroundings from the fire but there is a maximum view of the beautiful flames. With its softly rounded corners, the bio fireplace radiates a graceful and extraordinary look. Since the fireplace is made of steel with black colour on the sides, it will easily fit into the surroundings. Bioethanol fireplace does not produce soot, smoke or the like, so it is easy to maintain and clean. 

  • 2 safety glasses included 
  • 1,5 L burner included 
  • Burning time up to 6 hours per filling 
  • Extinguishing tool included 
  • Electricity not required 

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