Spartherm Varia 2L-2R-50h

Spartherm Varia 2L-2R-50h


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L/2R-50h stove for 70-140 m2

Stylish L/2R-50h woodburning stove for modern homes. This stove can heat a home with 70-140 m2. Spartherm is a renowned German manufacturer that supplies high-quality woodburning stoves in a luxurious design. This model is made of Steel and glass and the weigh is 180 kg. It comes in Black | Brushed stainless steel, which is known as a timeless and neutral color that can be included in all homes.

L/2R-50h fra Spartherm has a dimension of H: 50,4 x W: 53,3 x D: 46,6 cm and suits homes with 70-140 m2. The fireplace has a heat out of N: 7 kW | D: 4,9 - 9,1 kW.

Always remember to guide you with a chimney sweep or other professional when installing a stove and chimney. This chimney requires a connection.