Cold smoking meat and fish

Smokepins for cold smoking - 5 pcs.

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Pack of 5 artisanal wooden sticks for cold smoking of fish and meat.

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Smokepins for cold smoking - 5 pieces

Handmade Smokepins for cold smoking of fish and meat. Smokepins is a Danish company based in Aarhus. 

Worth knowing

  • Choose between several different types of wood
  • You use about 3 to 5 pieces for every smoking


  • Lit one Smokepin at a time at the end with largest opening. 
  • When the Smokepin has burned out, and there is no more smoke in the container, replace it with a new Smokepin
  • Can be used in kettle grills, cardboard boxes, plastic bags or smoke ovens.

Read more about how to use Smokepins at the bottom of this page.