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Home: At are we experts within bioethanol fireplaces to consumers and businesses. At our website are you able to buy bioethanol fireplaces, fireplace accessories and bioethanol. We have a large selection, and we are aware that it can be difficult to navigate on our website. Therefore have we created a sitemap which can be helpful in finding the products and subjects that you need. 

All bioethanol fireplaces: A descriptive site where you can see and read about all our bioethanol fireplaces. In this section are you able to see our entire selection of bioethanol fireplaces in one place. We have many different models in many different sizes and designs, so you are definitely able to find the product that you need whether it is a classic or a modern fireplace. Here are you able to find bioethanol fireplaces that can be wall mounted, freestanding fireplaces, tabletop fireplaces or fireplace inserts. 

Wall mounted bioethanol fires: Here you can find all of our bioethanol fireplaces that can be wall mounted. These bioethanol fires have the advantage that they do not take space from the floor unlike traditional fireplaces that are mounted in the floor. We have many different models in different sizes and designs so you can definitely find a bioethanol fire that you like. A bioethanol fire does not emit soot, smoke or ash on the wall why you do not have to worry about cleaning your wall.

Freestanding bioethanol fires: Here you can find our selection of freestanding bioethanol fireplaces. Whether you like a classic design or a modern design for your freestanding bioethanol fireplace, you find it here. A part of our selection of freestanding bioethanol fireplaces can be placed outdoor as well as indoor. These models are typically not bigger and does not weigh more than you will be able to move it yourself, however, some of the models does require two persons. 

Tabletop bioethanol fires: Here you can find our selection of tabletop bioethanol fires. Some of our tabletop bioethanol fires can be placed on a table, on a shelf or on the floor. These bioethanol fires are perfect at creating a relaxed and romantic atmosphere at the table. Some of our bioethanol fires can be placed outside where the beautiful flame can enlighten and greet you and your guests with a warm welcome. The bioethanol fires is normally not bigger than you are able to move it around yourself. These beautiful bioethanol fireplace models are the perfect present for someone you love. 

Fireplace inserts: Here are you able to find our fireplace inserts. Furthermore are you also able to read some of the security precautions that needs to be kept. These fireplaces are perfect for a DIY-person or a creative person that knows how to install a fireplace insert. Here are you able to find our bioethanol burners and a selection of complete bioethanol fireplaces with a frame and burner installed. We recommend buying your built-in fireplace before you begin your project. 

Fireplace accessories: Here you find our selection of accessories to your bioethanol fireplace. You can find accessories such as bioethanol pumps so that you safely can fill your burner, burners, fragrances for your bioethanol, refill packages and much more. The accessories are produced in order to simplify your fireplace life. 

Fireplace decor: In this section are you able to find our selection of fireplace decor. The decor can help you personalize your bioethanol fire the way you like it. It can help you compliment your bioethanol fire and enhance the effect of the flames. The decor section includes logs, pebbles and wood racks. 

Bioethanol: See our selection of high quality bioethanol, which are the fuel of our bioethanol fireplaces. All our bioethanol is of high quality and consists of 96,6 percent alcohol, thereby ensuring a large and beautiful flame. Our bioethanol does not emit any unpleasant smells, soot, ash or smoke. Our bioethanol section covers bioethanol packages of different sizes, scaling from 1L-24L. You can find our selection of starter-kits here where you get a funnel and a jug enclosed with the bioethanol. 

Bioethanol burners: Here you can find our large selection of burners in different sizes and shapes. The burner is the primary factor of having a bioethanol fireplace as it is where the bioethanol is filled and ignited. In this section are you also able to find tips and tricks on how to use your burner and how to build your own bioethanol fireplace

Starter kit: Here you find our selection of starter kits. Get a proper start by buying one of our starter kits. The starter kits contains bioethanol, a jug and a funnel. Everything you need to get a good start with your bioethanol fireplace.

Water features: See our selection of water features containing water fountains for indoor and outdoor purposes. The water features comes in different sizes and models, so make sure to see them all. We are sure that something will suit your need. 

Special offers: See which products that is sold at a reduced price. These products are typical low in stock, why you will need to be fast when ordering one of our special offers. The special offers vary from week to week, month to month, so make sure to check our new special offers once in a while. 

Customer favourites: See our selection of customer favourites. Are you unsure which bioethanol fireplace you should buy and are looking for inspiration among other customers? If so, you should definitely check out this section and be inspired by other customers.

Contact: See our contact information here. We are ready and more than willing to help you with any questions you may have. 

Conditions: Here you can read our terms of sale and conditions of delivery that applies for all deliveries on all our web-shops.  

About us: A descriptive site where you can get information on who we are at

Safety: A descriptive site where you can get information in regards to the safety precautions you should respect in order to avoid fire risks. The security precautions should always be uphold to ensure safe handling with your bioethanol fireplace. 

Certificates: Here you can read about the certificates we have and read about these. You can also get information in regard to which regulations that apply to bioethanol fireplaces. All our bioethanol fireplaces adhere to every regulation and certificate that apply. 

Blog: A blog - here you can find information about bioethanol fireplaces and bioethanol as well as read some tips and tricks in regard to cleaning your bioethanol fire, filling/refilling your burner and much more. 

Guides: In this section you will find guides on everything relating to the use of your bioethanol fireplace. It contains how-to's everything in regard to building your own fireplace, filling your fireplace, how to ignite a bioethanol fireplace and how to put out your bioethanol fireplace. Furthermore does the section contain articles regarding different aspects of choosing the right bioethanol fire and how a bioethanol fireplace function.

Shipping: Here you can find the shipping cost that apply to your delivery. 

FAQ: Here you can find our FAQ section. It is the most frequently asked questions in regard to everything concerning bioethanol fireplaces. It furthermore contains information on how to use our website, how to order questions about products and wares, questions about your order, questions about payment and questions about delivery.