Beautiful, double wall hanging bio fireplace from Safretti

Safretti Riviera DU GL


Item number: BIO-60-219

Admirable double wall hanging bio fireplace from Dutch Safretti. Riviera DU GL has 2 L burners.




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Safretti Riviera of brushed steel 

Double burn in stylish wall fireplace. The Riviera series is designed by Jost Mercuur. He has an emphasis on the simple. The Riviera bio fireplaces radiate cleanliness, timelessness and a perfect finish. However, it is the dancing and flowing flame that forms the mysterious part of the bio fireplace. 

Riviera is available in three sizes. 

  • 2 x 2 Liters burner 
  • 6-8 burning hours 
  • Brackets included 
  • Extinguishing tool included 
  • Electricity not required

Safretti is characterized by producing designable bio fires with an unusually long burning time. It is possible to decorate this bio fireplace with ornamental stone and logs. See our selection of bio accessories here.