4114BL Ceramic burner from Ruby Fires (42,9 cm wide)

Ruby Fires Ceramic Burner 4114LB (42,9 cm)

Ruby Fires

Item number: BIO-60-102

1.0 liter burner from Ruby Fires with lip. Patented ceramic stone core ensures safe and easy use. Up to 4 hours of burn time.

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Ceramic burner from Ruby Fires with lip, 1 L capacity

The smallest version of Ruby Fires famous ceramic bio ethanol burners. Ceramic burner 4114LB is made of stainless steel with a black powder coating and has a lip / edge that the fireplace can rest upon.

This means that the bio burner doesn't require a surface to stand upon, but can instead be held up by resting on the edges.

If you are looking for a Ceramic burner without a lip, take a look at Ruby Fires 4114B.

  • 2 pcs safety glass included
  • Lighter and refueling funnel included
  • Ethanol usage 0,30 l/h
  • Recommended room size min. 25 m3
  • No electricity required to operate

The ceramic stone core of Ruby Fires burners completely absorbs the bio ethanol liquid. This means that when burning, you could actually turn the burner upside-down without spilling any flammable liquid. (But please don't try this at home).

Ruby Fires ceramic burners are therefore some of the best and safest manual burners available.

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