Circular, tabletop bio ethanol fireplace in black. Providing up to 2 hours of enchanting flames.

Round table bioethanol fire black

Item number: BIO-20-248

Small round tabletop biofireplace, that would great bout inside and outdoors. Dimensions: H: 27 x W: 20 x D: 20 cm

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Black table bioethanol fireplace with a glass

Round beautiful bioethanol fire to put on a table in a simple elegant design with a black bottom. The surrounding glass makes the flames fully enjoyable. High quality at a decent price.

  • 0,5 Liter burner included 
  • Flame extinguisher included
  • Up to 2 burning hours
  • No electricity required

 This bio fire is quite small to add decorations such as logs or pebbles but you can always use a fragrance to make it spread the desired smell.