Proper packaging of goods.

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We always ensure proper packaging of our products, as to avoid damaged products during transportation. We pack both, the product's inner- and outer parts, and use shipping boxes or bubble wrap envelopes for the respective products, so that our merchandise is correctly protected from damage during shipping.

No packaging or processing fee

Although we make sure that all of our shipments are thoroughly packaged, we don’t want it to be, at the expense of our customers. Our theory, at, is that it is neither tenable for the sender or the recipient to skip or cut corners when it comes to wrapping packages.

Should the package be unlikely damaged?

It is of course unfortunate, but just relax. We handle shipping back and forth, and we deliver a similar product right away, unless otherwise agreed between the customer and us. We require, that our customer takes pictures of the packaging and the product and sends it to us. We can later use this when seeking compensation from the courier.


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