Adjustable burner with Child Lock and control panel

Planika bioethanol burner PrimeFire


Item number: BIO-60-020-700

PrimeFire burner by Planika. W x H x D: 700 mm x 245 mm x 139 mm. Safety sensors





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PrimeFire by Planika

Bioethanol burner by Planika. Main features of this fire are its safety sensors and control panel which makes the burner easy to use. It starts very fast, doesn't need any additional installation and has two levels of flames. Burner is automatic and it needs an electrical connection, this is why it is made for indoor use only. The number of variation makes it easier for you to pick the perfect burner for yourself. You can pick the casing or remote control option. The possibility to join a couple of burners together is overwhelming.

PrimeFire is a perfect burner for DIY projects. It will bring cosy and relaxing atmosphere to every home it will be placed in. It has a child lock thus it will be suitable even for a family with kids.

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