Oval - Tabletop bio fireplace

Oval - Bio fireplace for table

Item number: BIO-80-051

Oval is a circular-shaped bio fireplace that is perfectly suited to being placed on the table, floor or terrace.


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Circular bio fireplace for floor or table 

Oval is a circular bio fireplace for use on a table or floor. Ival can also be used outdoor, but it works best in relatively quiet conditions, as it has no glass to shield it from the wind. 

Oval comes in three different colours: White, Black and Grey.

This bio fireplace has a small burner of 0,40 Liter but can provide up to 3 hours of burning time under optimal conditions. 

Rain and bad weather can shorten the life of the bio fire. So if you choose to use it outdoor, it is recommended to take it inside after use.