Built-in bioethanol fireplace with one open side


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Built-in bioethanol fireplace with one open side

Build-in bioethanol fireplaces can be handled in different ways. We have customers who want to design their fireplace by themselves and simply buy the bioethanol burner, while others want to purchase an entire bioethanol fireplace with frame and burner.

If you already have a regular fireplace, that for some reason isn’t used anymore, its possible to simply buy burners that can be inserted into the old fireplace and thereby convert it into a modern bioethanol fireplace.

When building your own bioethanol fireplace, there are some safety precautions that you need to follow. The fireplace needs to be installed with non-combustible material, have a minimum distance of one meter to any flammable material and they should be installed using the dimensions that are specific for the model.

Type of burner
Size width

Products - Built-in Fires

Biofireplace universal 90 cm

Universal built-in biofireplace 90 cm - Medium Item number: BIO-30-005B

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Price 999,00 Now 849,00 GBP

Universal built-in biofireplace

Universal built-in biofireplace 120 cm - Medium Item number: BIO-30-006B

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Price 1.249,00 Now 999,00 GBP

Universal built in fireplace 150 cm - XL

Universal built in fireplace 150 cm - XL Item number: BIO-30-007B

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Price 1.399,00 Now 1.199,00 GBP

Insert to build into the wall, one sided only

60 cm. Black bio fire insert Item number: BIO-30-013

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Price 699,00 GBP

Bioethanol insert, one sided only

100 cm. Build in bio fireplace Item number: BIO-30-015

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Price 899,00 GBP

Fireplace insert with front opening

140 cm black built in fireplace Item number: BIO-30-016

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Price 1.299,00 GBP

Automatic biofire to build it in 100 cm

Automatic bio insert - 100 cm Item number: BIO-30-021B

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Price 2.199,00 GBP

Automatic biofire to build it in 150 cm

Automatic bio insert - 150 cm Item number: BIO-30-022B

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Price 3.499,00 GBP

Bioethanol fireplace for wall insert. Elegant focal point due to the impressive design and size. Perfect in larger space.

Built in Bioethanol Fireplace 96,5 cm wide Item number: BIO-30-002

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Price 749,00 Now 699,00 GBP

Steel, fireplace with a glass window panel for wall integration. Dimensions: 70 x 135 x 38 cm

Built In Bioethanol Fireplace 135 cm wide Item number: BIO-30-004

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Price 1.249,00 Now 1.099,00 GBP

Complete bioethanol fireplace ready to be built-in

This solution may be the most simple, because everything is already put together and the fireplace is ready to be built into the wall. In most cases this requires an artisan, unless you are nifty with you fingers yourself. Our build-in fireplaces come in fixed dimensions and cannot immediately be regulated to fit into a wall. Therefore, these models are ideal if you do not already have a hole in the wall, but instead make the hole proportional to the biofireplace dimensions.