Classic bio fireplace in a design that will fit most homes. the 2.0L burner provides a maximum burn time of up to 4h.

Nero Surround, bioethanol fireplace


Item number: BIO-60-116-F02

Freestanding Nero surround fireplace in off white unpolished fossile stone. Up to 4 hours of burn time per filling.


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Xaralyn, fossil stone coloured bio fireplace.

Traditional biofireplace with fossil stone look. Beautiful biofire that will fit perfectly into any home. Its unique look and natural colours will make it fit perfectly to both modern and old-fashioned houses, hotels, offices and the like.

This fireplace looks amazing and breathtaking when ignited.

  • 2.0L Ceramic Bio Burner included
  • Safety glass included
  • No electricity required to operate

Nero Surround is equipped with Xaralyn unique ceramic burner 5820B, which gives up to 4 hours of burn time per filling.